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  • I like Red Wings and my favorite anime series are Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing (especially the OVAs) and Fullmetal Alchemist, the manga is SO much better than the series. Of course the classics too like DBZ.
    thanks hun
    im just taking it as it is for now and expecting nothing.. as it could lead to that :p
    One of the comments identified it by 'Naomi Censored' which led me to her myspace here 'Ontario, Canada'
    Just stumbled upon a Canadian's cover of 'Descendant of Shinobi' (Yuffie theme), see what you think! I quite like it.

    YouTube - yuffies theme
    Indeedy :(
    so hopefully il have a fancy dress night or something soonish hehe :D

    anyways you okay?
    hows ya day been :p
    yeah i know, i even seen clips of people walking around Japan in my panda kigu :O i wish where i lived weren't so judgemental that i could walk around in costumes all the time hahaha
    Oh i would love cosplay LOL ive seen so many animé costumes that i want :( but there just all so expensive id love to do it haha

    dont you know that saying over in canada :p
    Omg yeah LOL i didnt notice the one in the background ahh man his name shall be Billy :(

    No its in my wardrobe, i wear it around the house a lot along with my fairy wings and prom dress LOL just makes me feel happy for some reason.
    But yeah its too hot to wear at night time during the spring/summer, shall be awesome for winter though :D
    Haha he really has a look in his eyes as well that he wants to hurt the poor panda :(

    Lets get you a panda kigu :D and we can be pandas together <3
    LMAO @ the panda at the front. His paw is so near the other pandas bum :O

    What is this mr, panda porn :O panda pervert :O
    "Girls, if you're gonna make the first movie, make sure the guy is not evil first."

    lmao Thats an awesome saying. poor girly like but I hope she laughs about it now
    Awwww you know, you are such a sweetheart you deserve an *extra special super dooper hug* i'm so glad we got talking on here :)
    I really hope so hun *hugs* but if you ever need to talk then i am here for you, please don't be afraid to talk to me ok?
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