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  • That's alright! I was like that during University, but now that it's over, life has 'calmed' down haha. It's nice you thought of me though. Aww thanks for your kind words, it makes me feel better (I shall scribble it down somewhere) :) I'm just down as I'm a bit heartbroken atm, that's all... Nothing really life changing. But I feel better now after focusing on other things. I'm glad you're doing ok! If you ever need to talk, you're welcome to talk to me ^^
    Hi, long time no talk indeed! I haven't been on here much. Do you still come on here? Aww I miss you too! We should talk sometimes! Anyway I'm not feeling too good today :( how about you?
    Hey there Ken,

    I´m doing good how about you ? :) how are things going for you?
    i'm doing well in college which makes my day!


    Not much is happening right now. I planned this great summer where I would do so many things and I have done zero, lol.
    Hey there, it's been a long time, how have u been?
    I'm doing much better since we spoke. Made a lot of progress, I think I cope with sa now for better, but still it's hard to face my fears but everything is going really upbeat!
    How about u and how was ur weekend ?^_^

    Have a nice day!

    hey khanhberlake
    uhm ok lol, havent been on this site for awhile for some reason :/
    dunno what to do wit my life ><
    I can't say anything more... You won't get better if you're going to be doing things that's comfortable to you and where no one will come and help you. You need to get out there even if it's making you anxious or that you feel in hell, that's the only way forward... Eventually you'll have to deal with the real world. You need to put yourself in situation you're not familiar with, the more you get of it, the more ease it becomes. Of course it's easier said then done, but nothing will come out of staying at home. Try things..
    Hiya, just thought i'd say hi :)
    I like your signature, I remember playing Creep on loop for a while cause I was so mesmorised by the song. It is a pretty good theme song for SPW isn't it? A Manchester band called The Smiths did songs about feeling inferior, and being an outsider, with wonderful lyrics and nostalgic and catchy tunes.

    I like all your interests listed there, except i'm an amateur in all four :)
    Well once your exams are over, I'm sure you'll feel a bit better. You should try getting out more and get some fresh air to clear your mind.

    But I know what it feels like. Since my school work is over, I had nothing to do and just ended up sleeping and watching anime continuously for a few days until now..
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