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  • that is awesome!! I can pick out his style anywhere. I used to know him personally when he was alive. He was the father of a really close friend of mine, when I used to live in Thunder Bay. I have a few of his paintings hanging on my wall. I love his art and he was such and amazing person. He was the happiest, most giving person I ever knew.
    Well drive on down here and we shall have them drinks. We will drink into the wee hours of the night lol. You will be fine though.
    Lol hi yewww! Thanks for stopping by my lonely little profile page hehe hope to see you 'round the forums. I've been on alot today thanks to the weekend..
    Thank you for the gesture but I like my hair and I don't think you want me to ship my hair in a box to you lol
    mmmhm i guess il have to try out some lobster then and break my streak.
    OOO crazy foods... Most exotic thing i ate was tandoory chicken :)
    Ya your the lucky one that took my wall virginity :p
    Hmmm...i dont know haha. My parents are vegetarian so i guess thats why. Actually its probably cause i HATE trying new things...so i just stick to chicken burger or pizza when going out. Am i missing out :p?
    Hello!! I'm so sorry I didn't reply until now! Thank you so much for your pressie, i love it :) I honestly have always wanted one of those and never had one, thankies! I'm in the middle of writing you a letter now, I didn't have time for ages because I was back in college this term, really really stressful but totally worth it! You might not get the letter before christmas now because the post is so slow :( Hope you're doing good these days!! X
    im doing good thanks for asking- just trying to find a job and to get used to the fall weather. How are things with you?
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