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    how can i get over my agoraphobia?

    It's all about pushing your limits. Panic attacks suck but you have to remember they can't kill you and you'll feel so empowered after
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    How are you feeling?

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    I'm back!

    Back in the good old days threads were poppin. Constantly refreshing to get the next 20 responses. The chat...omg the chat was the best.
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    I'm back!

    Aww yeah it looks like theres not many people active. That's probably a good thing. Means people are busy with life.
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    How are you feeling?

    Where do you live? I hope your basement stays dry-ish lol
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    How are you feeling?

    Finding love now days is very hard.
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    Hope you're doing okay jack. We miss you on wechat

    Hope you're doing okay jack. We miss you on wechat
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    I'm back!

    Hey! I'm not actually new I've actually been a member a loooong time. I just have a tendency to come and go. I've panic disorder and agoraphobia but I'm managing its very well atm. I'm living in a new state and have grown quite lonely and I'm worried I might fall back into my old ways, so I...
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    Thanks it's a super old picture lol. I've been thinking about trying it just sounds super intense. I worried it would make things worse. And I'm doing pretty well right now I want to keep it that way!
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    What do you guys think?

    I also think you might be overloading yourself. You should definitely try to carve out time to do something YOU like to do. 3 hours to take a walk play video games or maybe an instrument. Something relaxing. Even if it's at 3am, its important to decompress. I struggled through grad school so...
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    What's kooth?