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  • i'm a big georgia bulldog fan :) haha.. but i really just love SEC football in general.. i know a few people who played college ball and pro ball now! i'm a falcons fan by default but i adore peyton manning, so i root for the colts, too! lol idk, i'm not a hardcore fan of any pro teams like i am the dawgs, i just like watching because college football is only one day a week, haha
    you're probably talking about pro football? idk, lol... i'm way way into college football, it's a way of life in the south, haha! i can't explain how excited i am for football season... there's nothing like waiting all week and getting hyped up to watch football all weekend :D i like the nfl, i just don't follow it as much as college football..
    Hey there...you can talk to me if you like :)
    Just give me a shout on the messenger any time
    Things are okay I guess. Real life is getting problematic to say the least. Been, thinking about jogging since spring is coming up. Need to get this ass of mine firm; sitting on a soft ass hurts.
    my weekend was pretty boring....kinda got snowed in so i couldn't do anything...i really wanted to see shutter island i'm a big fan of DiCaprio and it seemed kinda like Gothica which i loved...how was orientation? get the classes u wanted?
    Wow. I'm so sorry to here about your hard time. Family troubles are the worst because thats suppose to be a place to feel comfort and at home ,but its just exhausting you. I feel really selfish right now. You know, you're a good guy and I think you should keep going. Talk. Talk whenever things stress you out ,or right them down just get them off your chest or do something to release before you drown in it. Remember keep rebuilding.
    lol. Rain does suck ,but at least its not unpredictable like down here. I mean, you could be in 100somethin degree weather and plan your whole suit only to wake up to snow the next day.lol.
    I am so so so so sorry for all these messages I didn't expect you to be on right now.lmfao
    YouTube - Ben Stein - Clear Eyes commercial
    Did you grow up there? Is that state like dedicated to Washington is the reason they named it that? lol. (Just letting you know: not expecting an immediate reply.)
    I don't know, its like I feel faithless at times, but something about me never stops believing that their is a God ,you know? There just has to be somewhere ,and even if there isn't I really don't want to believe that. If I allow myself to believe that ,then whats the point in living ,you know? It makes life seem like gambling ,"You give or you take, but nothings anybodys' ". (I'm so sorry this message is so long but I don't to people often and I have build ups so.lol)
    Anyways, yeah meet the teacher night sucks. I bet you're going to go up there and they're going to be like there's the kid I'm keeping my eye on for this semester.lmao! I'm totally kidding. Dude, I heard all college professor talk like ol'dude off the clear eyes commercial. (wow). And most days they don't even check role. Sorry for taking up almost all the space on your page. Tell me what's it like in Seattle.
    I've lived here forever and now I just want to leave. No kidding, it is hell, the people down here suckass(excuse my french.lol). Or maybe its just that I've moved around Texas so much I'm just sick of it. The school that I moved from before going to my current school was full of spoiled rich kids so I transfered for the 4 time ,and the new kids I'm around aren't rich ,at all ;they're just self-righteous and indignant.(sorry for extra info). I feel ya' on the rough times. I recently found out that the school got a hold of my post on this site and thats not cool ,at all. So now people think I'm slow. Which wouldn't be a bad thing. Hell, they could say whatever as long as they keep there distance and leave me alone. What's funny is the teachers knew first; they just passed it around to students.What part of that doesn't sound disturbing? I Prayed yesterday night and I haven't did that in a while.
    the apartment i'm moving into is just called ''student apartment'' don't you have anything like that in seattle? i would never share my apartment with real people, hah. i tried that once, the girl i was supposed to share rooms with took off before i said hi. it was fine for me but it made me think, was i really that hideous? haha. nah, just alot of presentations. any plans for the weekend? have you found your driving license yet btw?
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