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    Do they still have that one club up there? Whats it called, Grams Central Station or something like that? We used to always go there for some reason.
    I also am very interested in languages, so of course I can share som Danish with you - even though it's not that pretty.. haha.
    "Hej, jeg hedder Nick" Mens "Hello, my name is Nick" :)
    Well that's a good thing. NY does seem to have a hell of alot people to deal with, when you have SAD.
    Denmark is a very happy place and also one of the safest countries in the world, but it's not all red roses. We do have many problems. We have awful service for the elderly, we are one of the worst countries at curing cancer, and our healthcare system is very, very slow with alot of waiting time for everyone. We spend alot of money on supporting your country in the Iraq war, and now we have to cut down on everything, so a HUGE amount of people have been fired and can't get a new job. It's a vicious cycle at the moment. In spite of all these things - Denmark is a wonderful place to build a life :)

    My SAD has affected me really, really much during my teenage years, but fortunately I don't have it towards children. I bond with the children and I teach them without any problems :)...
    So how is Kansas? Is it an acceptable city and environment to live in when you've got SAD?
    ANd how old are you?
    Well done then :)
    So you can easily do that in the future in real life :) Nobody will think bad about you - there'll just take it as a compliment :)

    How long have you suffered from SAD, and where are you from?
    Lol, I know the feeling. Only now I've finished school, and I'm losing my mind working two jobs- unfortunately, I've developed a phobia of job interviews, so I'm still not using my degrees. But I'm actually not feeling too badly lately, just need to push myself a little more.
    I've been around. I just don't usually post much, and the chatbox has been pretty much dead since they moved it off the front page. How have you been?
    Haha really? I didn't mean for it to be scary. I actually meant for it to represent my inner self, screaming for salvation from all this emotional turmoil I've been experiencing lately. Glad you "like" it though, lol =)
    Well first figure out the total of all your bills and necessities, then figure out how much you have left over when all of that is paid. Whatever you have left you could save a small amount of it each week or so and put it into a savings account?
    Sorry about that, had to go out. But yea, hope you finished your homework up! Oh, and if you need any tips from earlier, just message me :)
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