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  • bleagh, I've been all sorts of things...
    mostly tired with an attention span that's developing stretch marks.
    between midterms in chemistry, historical ecology, sociology and final in psych.. all in one week, I'm deaded. Like, I've spent 8 hours today just looking at aerial photographs of forests, breaking them into grids, then logging information on forest type, species, distance to other types of tree etc for hundreds and hundreds of collection points.. thousands of acres.

    but yeah, it's pretty cool.

    where has the world taken you since I last talked to you? Hope you had a happy birthday, way back then :)
    OMG Lun one of my fav quotes! From film school. =) (ALSO HOPE you feel better; becauuuseee you got some dancing to make up for; check SaturyNightLemur thread later =)
    There seems to be a trend. We shall see how this beginning trend takes flight.

    On another note, all things well?
    A fellow Canadian are you? Outstanding. How did I miss that?

    A random note to you: Watched time appears slow while unwatched time appears many ways.
    Nice. Love hearing new stuff. I'll give it a whirl later. I should make my own channel of tunesies I likes, never really thought to do that. =)
    lol. I'll steal his pants too, then. And I'm surprised the dad didn't punch him out when he started playing to the baby. haha. Did you see the girl in the grey hoodie's reaction at the first store @ around 0:18? Her expression was either, "Ugh, not this guy again" or "I have SA, and I need to get home NOW!" I felt bad for her. haha.
    lmao. Thanks for that vid, lunarla. I needed a good laugh. :D Also I now know what I'm going to be doing over the weekend: hunt down sexy sax man and steal the obvious source of his limitless self-confidence, his mullet (or possibly crack cocaine). *crosses fingers it's crack cocaine*
    Nice, remiiinds me of immortal technique, production wise at exact sound of what one of my friends like. Hmmmm.

    I was listening to this YouTube - Starving Artists Crew - Organic Chemistry

    Only just found these guys so test running but this track is nice espec that piano diddly-diddly...
    :D! Was wondering if anyone would notice, totally didn't realise you could do gifs on here soooo that seemed like the right thing to edit lol.
    DREDG-I first saw a video of theirs years ago, turned out to be "Bug Eyes". When I finally was able to pick and choose my own music (burnt cds+mp3) I remembered this song from them, it was such a strong memory. They are good music makers for sure.
    Glad to hear you're doing OK. I get paranoid about people I know/know of on here whenever they "disappear". ::eek::

    Anyway, I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking. :) I'm a little stressed because of work and some personal stuff, but I'm grateful for what I have. :)
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