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  • Actually I'd call Koyuki the Shinji doppelganger since Beck came out years after Evangelion, but yeah - similar indeed. The personalities are pretty similar, although Koyuki is psychologically a bit better off, although I do relate to Shinji more in that sense.
    N-no, it's not Koyuki... D: It's Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I do admit the two have very similar designs and personalities. I did just finish watching Beck though, to be honest. Both are pretty good shows.
    Well you know I have a love, a love for everyone I know
    And you know I have a drive to live I won't let go
    But can you see it's opposition, comes arising up sometimes
    That it's dreadful antiposition, comes blacking in my mind

    And then I see a darkness
    And then I see a darkness
    And then I see a darkness
    And then I see a darkness

    ...pull the smiles inside
    And light it up forever
    And never go to sleep
    You don't want to? ;O

    It's a Laura Marling song :)

    YouTube - Laura Marling - Hope In The Air (I Speak Because I Can)

    She is so beautiful <3
    Re: Post #437740

    You're absolutely right! You're ugly, dull, and otherwise completely useless.

    That's why I remember that your mother dropped you as a child and your 'h' fell off. That's why I remember you telling me about cytokines (or something like that; if I were smarter I'd have remembered). That's why I remember you claiming ownership of a delay-soaked bit of guitar work (or was it reverb? Again, my mind fails me on the little details). And that's why I remember seeing pics of the pretty brunette whom you claimed to be.

    The next time you're feeling worthless, remember that there's a 30-year old on the internet who wouldn't be glad to know you if you weren't in possession of those qualities which he's been led to believe that you possess.

    ... Or, I'm just a creep, and you're absolutely right.

    math and statistics, im not sure at all the change is a good idea either. i figured if i did more math with my brain instead of literature i could derail it from being so emotional all the time. i think it might be working. i dont know. do you know what you want to study after highschool?
    Now I wish I was so positive! lol. I'll finish it but how well I do it tho..... just no motivation for this one, usually I can muster that energy. =/
    Getting out really does work... but I'm trapped trying to finish this god forsaken essay. And then tomorrow's all stress and............... OKAY - I'll try and feel "better". Won't promise good.
    Haha had to change your name to Beatrice Pepperpot to avoid being convicted of war crimes, nice.
    Ha the devil be trolling himself. Long time before i become leet and i had 2 year headstart, lame!
    You're on my to link to list, just a track about their experiences. PLUS their Canadian, hey, hey. lol

    YouTube - Specifics - Under The Hood
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