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  • nah, dude, I just look like your average middle-aged white guy

    you, on the other hand, look like someone who could kung-fu my flabby white butt to death

    or fix my computer :p
    Hehe. One tried to crawl into our car in search of food. And she did shove her face in right on Mom. And some old lady held up traffic for 10 minutes while she tried to talk to a young stallion who was in the process of trying to kick out an older one from his group of mares.... Getting cute with a fighting horse is my idea of fun, too. :rolleyes:

    It's always nice camping down there at the state park. One dune is the only thing between you and the ocean, and walking on the beach by moonlight is quite relaxing. The mosquitoes suck, but it's worth the several dozen bites to see the horses, the birds, and to basically have your own private beach for as long as you're there.

    Now if I could only find that Spanish galleon and all that silver.... ;)
    Thank you! We think Michelle is a pretty and classy name too, but everyone we know has been complaining about it. Flp! Can't please everyone! + lol at your future children's names. I smell a certain someone already planning to make a profit on their kiddies! Poor things! Shame on you! ::p:
    Thanks for the sympathy.I guess I invested to much hope and that's why I got so disappointed lol(their conditions seemed like an all in one package,less working hours,near location,good salary).
    About the job,it was an IT company that stated it needed someone who was capable of doing both software and also hardware programming and someone who is familiar with hardware modules.So I assume that they needed an assembly programmer for the hardware programming.
    Job hunting not going good at all!It's either that working hours are too long(176/month) which I feel like I can't take anymore or either that the conditions are super good (relatively)and they don't want me!
    About web developing I was on track with my plans exploring the new world of jQuery before going to my recent job interview(which I liked their conditions) the interviewers told me that they needed more assembly and that they'd call me if they needed me...so there I was wondering if I should switch to improving my assembly or continue with my own plan.They never called me back and it only resulted in me straying from my goals and I feel like Ive lost the energy that I had before to get me back on track. ::(:
    Haha I think the last 4 messages being from you are more a testament to how un-loved I am! But whatever, I can take it, I'm tough :p. Thanks for asking btw! Sorry for the neglect, the last few months have been pretty crazy! Bubby was born on the 13th of April, A beautiful little girl, we named her Michelle. I can hear her waking in the next room as I type this so I must be quick! But yeah, we're both doing well, but I miss that thing called sleep...How have you been matey? :)
    LOL.That was funny!
    I never knew Bill Gates had a mugshot photo .I just googled it and it says that he got it for a traffic violation!And excuse the curiosity!to tell you the truth, since you mentioned about having an interest in hacking and stuff ,seeing that picture kind of gave me the impression of accidentally slipping in the black hat area and Kevin Mitnick and all that stuff lol so I couldn't help asking!

    BTW Thnx for the comment and I don't think you look constipated and dirty in your pictures at all! :)
    Hahah, no problem! I'm thinking it's the silver/black pleather pants that does it. Best thing is when he's talking to those security people on the street. "He is... above the law though. Look at him, he's playing to a baby!" He isn't half bad at the sax either, ha.
    I'm sorry about the psychotic episode and to tell you the truth it wouldn't make me so surprised to hear a programmer go through this cause I know how tough this job can get specially for the more experienced and skilled ones (cause they usually hold more responsibility).
    You mentioned about planing to get a Masters that's cool! I'm also planing for that too though I'm more focusing on collecting the money now just like you!
    About web developing no I don't look at it as hobby I'm doing it for survival!
    Most of the jobs I've seen in the market are in need of web developers.
    And regarding your last question my major was computer engineering. :)
    Nice!You must be a professional and experienced programmer .Well for me my major was hardware and I didn't like programming that much when I was a student.It has only been 3 years that I've taken it serious as a career (since there weren't many jobs for hardware in the job market ) and despite the fact that we did most of our stuff with c++ at school,most of the IT companies here are in need of .netframework programmers therefore my only working experience is in making ERP solutions with c#.Although it's been 2 months that Ive been jobless now and I'm focusing more on improving my skills in web developing with ASP.net and JavaScript for the moment.
    About programming itself I actually do enjoy it! One of the reasons I've chosen it is because of the teamwork that it requires(thought this might be a good type of exposure/group therapy) and well wasn't as effective as I expected it but the experience wasn't useless either!
    BTW I've added you to my friend list if you don't mind. :)
    Heya!Just saw your occupation on your profile and cool you're a programmer!What language do you work with?
    Are you one of those annoying Asians who talks on his cell phone in the library? ::p: I like how she added "Don't take this offensively" at the beginning. :rolleyes:
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