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    Ahh, maybe next year can be a better one 'eh? ;]

    I've made it my new years resolution to start to cure my sa and get a gf (or at least try :c) by the end of 2010... Nothings going to come before that goal not even school>.>

    SA is a b!&$#%tch.....
    Ahhh my new years eve was pretty good, spent some time with my family then retired to my room as usual ^^

    How was yours?:)
    Yeah np you seemed very nice as well so I thought hey why not I'll add you :}

    Was using ipod touch before so couldn't use the chat function, sites a bit messed up on there :x
    Cats could easily be my second choice at the moment!
    ..My baby kitty just learned to climb up to my bedroom window, which is on the second story, and get in through the window! After watching this determined little cat braving the snow and scampering across the icy roof to get to me, I can't help but love her to bits! :)

    I hope you're doing well, enjoying whatever these holiday seasons have brought your way.

    Much Love,
    I'm sooo sorry that I never replied!

    If I had to be any animal... I think I'd like to be a fin back whale. They're large (making me an unlikely choice of snack!), powerful, intelligent and mildly social... they travel in tight knit pods of 5-8 whale friends, which sounds nice, not too social, but not totally solitary either. They also communicate through singing to one another, which is rather sweet of them I think!
    ok that has become the official anthem for the board, I think we all needed to hear that and you provided it! You get the golden star of the day~ O____O
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