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    What's Your MBTI Type?

    Hello again SocialPhobiaWorld! It's been forever. I feel like a timewarp has occurred and I've ended up back in this wonderful land of glorious social phobe friends once again. Or something like that.... Does anyone still exist here? Hi, I'm not on drugs, I'd just like to know your MBTI...
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    To anyone who has experienced this to any degree, it's likely one of the most scary experiences ever. Recently I've started to have the worst anxiety and panic attacks of my life. Then, within the past couple days I feel like I've been having almost constant derealization. I'll feel okay in...
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    Perfectionism and OCD

    Is currently ruining my life right now. Sounds dramatic, but it's really not an over exaggeration. At least, not to me. Everything that has ever really been important to me is just falling through. My perfection causes me to underachieve. My view on things is very "all or nothing." If it...
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    Canada: Federal Election

    This will be my first ever vote.... If you're able to vote (and are going to), who are you voting for and why?
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    For my entire life, it feels like, I've been trying to find some sort of consistency with my mood, feelings, thoughts, relationships with everyone around me. I will be up and stable for a while, could be a day, could be a week, could be a month. And then I somehow come crashing down again in...
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    I love this

    October Fullness Little by little, and also by great leaps life happened to me, and how insignificant this business is. These veins carried my blood, which I scarcely ever saw, I breathed the air of so many places without keeping a sample of any. In the end, everyone is aware of this: nobody...
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    Is it possible to comfortably exist as everything? Like, as all the different facets of yourself in harmony with one another? None of them opposing, etc. Essentially, be completely yourself, I guess. What I do, is I tend to just let other people set the tone for what things I'll choose to...
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    What does it mean to you?

    What is a "prude" to you? Like, as far as a person goes. I've been thinking about this a lot lately and realize that many people, especially (solely?) ones around my age would see me and my way of thinking as very prude-like. I'm not interested in casually hooking up with people. At all. In...
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    Tell me what you know...

    'Cause I don't think I know anything anymore. "You know that point in your life when you realize that the house you grew up in isn’t really your home anymore…all of the sudden even though you have some place to put your ****, that idea of home is gone…" I feel this so much. I've been losing...
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    Annoying Ads

    'Cept this one kinda makes me lol. I alwaysssss see it here. And I always wonder, is it really necessary to make the people in the ad appear as though they're physically (facially?) anxious? Or is that just me seeing things.
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    Pyschiatric Appointment

    Soooo I went to a psychiatric appointment today as recommended by my doctor and counselor. It was only about 15 minutes where he got me to tell him about some things (he already knew most of it because he had my file). He was very nice and all, but then about half way through this lady walked...
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    The Great Moon Hoax

    Great Moon Hoax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anyone ever heard of this? I recently found it out when I was in a waiting room and read this children's book of the same title. It basically told of these false articles to really neat illustrations. Completely outlandish, but very...
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    Favourite Disney Songs/Scenes (Post Them!)

    I want to watch cuteness, heart-achingly cute cutenesssss! In the form of Disney movies, thank you very much. :mad: (:)) Or just anything else Disney, too.
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    Where Did You Grow Up in Society?

    I personally don't think that social class has too much to do with having SA or not, so that's why I put this in off topic. I'm just interested to know, is all. I also don't judge whether someone is highhhhh up there or low. I'm just interested in knowing weird statistical things about...