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  • Hey Joseph. I read your post about hypochondriac. and Shizophrenia. I would love to talk to you about it I don't have shizophrenia, But I am hypochondriac and I am paranoid a lot. if you ever need support, I'll be here to talk. X
    Ooh, I totally know what you mean about being a light sleeper. I'm a really light sleeper too, the littlest sounds wake me up. I actually sleep with earplugs, no lie.

    And private messaging would be nice. :)
    I looked it up after I read it! Lovely song. That one line is a little sad though. But so nice.
    Glad to hear you're doing pretty good today. :) I hate sleeping problems. Is it from anxiety? Or something else completely different?

    Today was alright for me, but the past two days have basically sucked. Anxiety has really been getting to me. Trying to hang in there though!
    I greatly like your signature,, but I don't want to! It's just phrased so excellently.
    Hey! Haven't chatted with you in a while, just curious to see how you've been? Hope you had a good day. :)
    Yeah i can relate with that, unless i find someone with common ground like the same hobby, this is the reason why it's hard for me to talk to most women because not many women are into guns and cars lol! Also i don't party or go out to bars like 99% of young people do, i'm also not into watching sports so it sucks. I find that my mind is blank of topics to talk about, sometimes i feel totally empty of any contribution, but at the same time i have insecure/negative thoughts like ''i'm boring, i don't know what to talk about'' so that spoils my concentration when someone talks to me. At times i feel humourless because i'm just so tense, but i often come out with some witty one liners.
    Hi just read your post regarding feeling lonely, the feeling you can't connect with people. I am the same, have always had a very hard time making and keeping convo going. I have not got a lot of friends as you have, well no one i hang around with just aqquaintances more athan anything. I have spent my life avoiding people due to me being quiet and awkward. I remember a girl telling me ''you are no good at talking to people'' and that comment haunts me to this day. I wonder why the hell people would want to hang out with me when i am so boring to be with.
    Don't rush yourself if you're busy. And the site really isn't too hard to use. It takes time getting used to though.

    And you write music? Very cool.
    There you are! :D Hehe no it's totally okay. I understand. I just took a break from this site not too long ago. Sure it wasn't a long one (Only 3 days), but it was worth it I think.

    Don't worry, I won't share your music interests with anyone on here if that's what you wish. Not like I was gonna tell anyone anyway, lol. So, here's my screenname for so you can add me whenever you get an account >> xmarxbarx83 (Marbar was an old nickname of mine :p). And trust me, as soon as Spotify comes to the US, I'm so downloading it. I already read a bit about it and it sounds pretty awesome. :)
    You don't get Pandora?? Aww :( Yeah I just checked and I can't get Spotify at all. It won't be available in America until sometime later this year. :p

    Swapping music is fun. :) I think I may have the perfect solution... Are you able to get on It's a music website (kinda like a more social version of Pandora), not sure if you've heard of it? You can sign up, it's totally free. You have your own profile, which can be private, you have your own stations, your own music library, and you have a friends list too. No, the "friends" thing is nothing like Facebook. I don't even have friends on my profile, and my profile is totally private.

    I'm not completely sure if you can swap music on it? You might be able to, I'll have to look into it. But you can look at people's music interests, listen to their radios, look at their library, etc. It can be pretty fun. I'm finally getting back into again after not being on my profile since December (I was using Pandora ^-^).
    A gym teacher from South Africa? Sounds like an awesome dude! But yeah, gym teachers can definitely be pricks. I actually still have the same gym teacher that I had back in middle school. He's actually lightened up on me though, so I don't really get much teasing from him anymore. (Thank God!)

    Sorry, but I don't have Spotify... Is that internet radio or something, almost like Pandora? I've heard of it before, I believe it's only for Europe though. I thought they would've released it in the U.S. by now....
    P.S. - I just realized I have totally filled up the first page of your visitor messages. I didn't even think I could type that much. ::eek::
    I totally know what you mean about cleaning. I tend to clean when I'm feeling productive. And I hate clutter to begin with :p I don't have OCD, but clutter really annoys me.

    And gym class wasn't too torturous for me... Okay, well it depends on the year. XD The year I had to do wrestling was not torture for me. And it's not like I wrestled kids I didn't know. I actually had a friend I partnered up with every time, so we had fun. That was back in like, 8th grade (I was 14). But 9th and 10th grade were definitely not great. I got teased quite a bit, including from the gym teacher >.< and none of my friends were in there. But whatever, I survived. Plus, the past is the past, and I shouldn't worry about it anymore. :)

    Funny how you had a long message. The message underneath this was really long, so I had to tweak it before I posted it. XD You'd think that 1000 characters would be enough for a message, but I guess sometimes it isn't. :rolleyes:
    My job is cleaning. Exciting, isn't it? :rolleyes: Nah, it really isn't bad at all. My aunt's disabled, so she can't always do things on her own. Plus, she has a couple cats, which are an interesting bunch to play with. :)

    The festival was pretty good. It's called a Maple Festival, where they have all sorts of things maple, obviously. Maple syrup, maple candies, maple baked goods, etc. etc. There's always other vendors there selling various items like antiques, crafts, jellies, and tons of food. It's really just a nice, small rural festival.

    Sounds like your weekend was pretty dang awesome. :) I don't get into wrestling much at all, but I actually had to do wrestling for gym back in junior high. Gotta say, it was pretty fun. XD And Friday night for me was spent at my cousins'. We watched some Supernatural, and just hung out listening to and pirating music. It was a pretty relaxing night for me, something I needed since I haven't hung out with hardly anyone in about a month.
    "Blah" to me is you're not really depressed, but you're not happy either. Almost like there's no feeling. And I completely lose interest in pretty much everything. Yeah, I'm not sure which I'd rather feel, depression or just nothing.

    Well, tomorrow I have to work at my aunt's. I don't mind the job, and sometimes it can be pretty fun. And she pays pretty well too. ;) On Saturday, I'm going to a festival in a nearby town. My family goes to this every year, so I always look forward to it. So far, that's all I have planned. I'll probably plan something else to fill up my Sunday.

    So, what are your plans for the weekend?
    I'm not sure how that is. For a while I felt pretty depressed. Then it seems like the last week or so things have been looking good. Although, I've had a couple days where my mood was just so "blah".

    Anyway, that's awesome you've been more sociable. And I have a good weekend lined up for me too! :) Yay for awesome weekends! :D
    Hey :) Actually this week things have been going pretty good for me. How about you, my friend?
    Yes I am American :) Our educational system isn't all that's cracked up to be, don't worry. ;) Your education system is pretty interesting to me. But why only one subject til you're 21? Couldn't you double major?? The "grade things" aren't too bad. ^-^ But we're Americans and why we have to be so different in certain things is beyond me. Oh, and I totally agree. You can never study enough science. :D
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