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  • yeah that sucks, well I live in Reykjavík and there isn't that much light pollution compared to other big cities, but if you drive an hour or so out from the city you'll get a really good sight for observation. Unluckily the weather has been really cruel to us this winter always snowing or raining hahaha so the telescope just collects dust on its self now :/
    Hey man how are things going? I see we share most of the same interest :) do you get the chance to observe in astronomy much where you live ?
    Hahaha! I just hit a growth spurt. I think it's the chocolate cake I've been eating past midnight the last couple days. I've always heard chocolate at those hours can have odd affects.

    It's not without help from my sensei, drummer.
    Nothing much happenin' with me, Lumber Jack. I'm doing the same. The usual roller coaster.
    How's things with you?
    hey u make some good music lonely drummer :).. u are really good with the guitar.. keep em comin ;)
    Hey there, Drummer! Wow, you are very talented. I hope you go far in the music industry.
    I really like your music. It has a very peaceful sound to it. It also sounds very soulful, which, I like. I hope life is treating you well.

    Take care.
    hello mr. C man :) just thought i would drop by and say a quick hello. I went back to some of your recordings and they made me happy so thank you.
    hEY drummer i've been well, not running as much though unfortunately :/ Did your friends come back yet with awesome stories from Costa Rica?
    hi lonely drummer. I read ur post and i really admire u, to be able to go on stage with SA. Your passion in music has defeated your anxiety. I can never do that. And u have really good friends who undertstand u. Wish u the best of luck
    Thank you for posting a Chad Vangaalen song, I'm instantly hooked.
    And I just discovered the animations.
    hey..a bit quiet with them. But i'm involved with a couple of other bands now, So that's exciting. How about you? :)
    music, physics and astronomy? I think we can be friends haha. I play the drums too and I was a physics major with a focus on astronomy :)
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