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  • haha, right on!! i recently just finished my 2nd year in physics however i won't be going back but the passion lives on. what are your favorite topics in physics and astronomy?
    Oooohh jazz IS fun! I'm playing sax in a jazz combo atm, it's awesome.. kinda scary, but awesome. lol. first gig is next month haha. yeah i took lessons from a jazz drummer for a year in 2008, was great. i'm not focussing on drumming so much atm, though i did just buy some pro mark cool rods earlier today lol. i've never been much into double kick metal drumming.. i think it can be a bit too much when over used by metal drummers. haha. but that's just me. imo drummers like thomas lang use double kick much more tastefully!
    Ever hear of Dave Lombardo? He is the drummer from Slayer.
    YouTube - Dave Lombardo drum solo with Grip Inc.- 1997
    That sounds like fun, I hope you find the time for joining a band of your own :) When I play in front of people, its easier on the anxiety to play something thats rehearsed thoroughly with the other guys playing, than when I have to improvise.
    In either case, Im still pretty stiff and akward on stage - maybe I should focus less on my chops and more on not looking like a zombie haha :cool:
    I have a G&L l2000 tribute bass, a cheapass warwick rockbass with an nice expensive preamp (dunno why, but it was cheap) and a Fender amp with some homebuilt speaker cabinets.

    do you have a decent mic for your drums btw? for if we ever make a SPW skype jam happen
    thanks for the friend request :)
    no i dont play tennis and if i did, i would have to be great at hiting a backhander down the line from scotland to america::p:

    i love andy murray though

    thanks , ya i grew up around cars a bit so always into them . i drive a 306 td , you drive ??
    haha awesome! ..i play saxophone and drum kit, been playing drums for 5 years now, i think. i reeeeaaalllyyyy need to upgrade my kit. what sort of music do you play?
    Cool, you have a double bass? Id buy one if I had the money and space :p
    Im mostly into funk, rock, soul, disco, ska, etc - genres with cool basslines in songs, that I can teach myself. Also I gotta love wierd tastefull stuff like Frank Zappa or Gorillaz :p
    Playing with people is deffinately more fun - I try to always be in at least one band. Do you ever play gigs for people, with a band? I've played some every once in a while for some years now, so Im not too anxious about doing it anymore - its always great fun, even if the crowd is dull :)
    Thanks Maya. I'm glad that my story was able to inspire people =). Yes I believe if you're persistent about overcoming SP and you're using the right method (e.g. CBT) then one of these days you will get there too!
    !! Thanks, glad you did! Think the links you posted on the thread have lamed out though...or my browser is being a spaz, can't see em.

    Anyway for nice cameras entry level dslrs are getting cheaper and cheaper but they're not the easiest to use at times, plus there are lenses to buy individually so its $$$....buuuuut they do give the most amount of freedom. lol. (hi i'll be your vague indecisive salesperson for today). So what could be a better idea is some sort of compact that has the goods that isn't as big as your face, you can use it all the time without changing lenses and not worry about getting dust on the sensor and all that bull.

    The Canon G11 looks sweeeeet but its pretty new and probably way over what you want to pay, its predecessor the G10 (i see what they did there) is a couple of years old now its still 'sweeeeet' and you could even get that second hand for cheaps/chips.

    Alllllso there's the canon sx 20 which is cheaper, larger zoom...too much choice!
    You're welcome! Here are some of my favorite death bands..

    All Shall Perish, The Berzerker, Death, Gojira, Monstrosity, Obituary, Devildriver, In Flames, and Opeth.

    The Berzerker's drums sound really crazy, he plays really fast and has some weird sound effect on the bass drums.
    That's great. I would like to visit someday. I would miss the weather and such from here though. :p
    Hey, welcome to the site.
    What kind of music do you listen to / play yourself? :)
    technical perfection:

    YouTube - Thomas Lang

    YouTube - Thomas Lang - Nautilus
    Hey you! I'd say I'm usually on around this general time - sometimes a bit earlier too. I was really intimidated at first too! But you can probably get integrated into it pretty quickly. Hope to see you around the ol' skype chat. :)
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