The Nephilim
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  • I couldn't stop myself
    I knew I'd do it again
    But I could heal myself,
    If I could feel your skin
    And if I comprehend this moment
    I know we'll live again
    And if I heal your wound
    We will make love again
    And now we're slipping through this millenium
    We should feel sorry for the people
    Can I kiss your skin?
    And there's hunger in the desert.
    And missiles in the sky
    And every soul is interwoven
    Before the wrong or right
    I know we'll live again
    Though it's just a feeling
    I know we'll never end
    I'll keep you company
    Yup am in Melbourne already! I am glad I got holidays for few weeks. Going to veg out here for a little while.
    Hey haven't talked to you in a while! I been busy! Anyway how's all the music and things going?
    Was a nice surprise finding someone with similar taste in music, while also being the first board member I talked to! Still need to get that lastfm scrobbler setup hehe
    Thats good to hear you're keeping busy. I just got back home like 2 weeks ago and found out Im not going back to school in the fall but I got 2 side projects on the go and my main band is playing a huge festival this saturday, so it should be fun
    hey there fellow music junkie, i was just wondering how things have been going since we last talked?? hows are things with the band? i hope you're doing well
    Thank you very much! :) But please tell you see only this photos of nature or also folder 'me'? Because I don't know how did they dissaper.. :)
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