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    The Big Fat Holiday Rant Thread..

    I thought it was a good time to create a place for us all to vent some holiday frustrations and how our social anxiety effects our ability to cope with the added stressors found around the holiday season.
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    Random Pictures of your life...

    ending thread..
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    Experiences With Natural Options..

    I wanted to start a thread about my experiences with natural remedies and ask others if they have tried any and if they could share their experiences. I developed severe social anxiety in adulthood over a period of 5 years and believe that there could be a physical medical reason for some of...
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    Confronting neighbor

    Here is a social phob's nightmare: The neighbor's son has a rotting dear head from last fall. It was in their garage, but it was stinking up the garage so his mother put in the yard- next to our fence. Now it is warm and the stench is so bad I am quite literally nauseated. I have been chased...
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    Describe your personality...

    ...using popular characters from literature, movies, TV, history etc. List at least 3.
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    They want me back in the group, but I don't know if I can

    I was a part of an online group who became really close. Then we started meeting every summer. We all get along good, but my best friend was a part of the group too and she and I had a fight. I had a nervous breakdown. My social anxiety had been growing for some time but this was the straw...
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    Have any of you tried any of these?

    Release Fear,Anxiety And Stress Subliminal - YouTube
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    For HER Eyes Only (consider yourself warned...)

    [/URL][/IMG] We are all grown ups here, so I thought some of you might want to discuss this issue with me: I want to shank evolution in the face. Thanks for making me feel like bawling my face off once a month so I can have the privilege to reproduce 0_0. You would think we could have evolved...
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    correlation in increased anxiety and heartburn?

    I really think I have noticed a link to my stomach problems and my anxiety. Pain also seems to send me through the roof and gets me ruminating. Anyone else notice this? Wondering if anxiety is how I am dealing with the physical symptoms? I notice on days when I have relatively low anxiety...
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    How Lavinialuna fell in her hole and more stories

    I was doing well in life in general until I got injured during the birth of my daughter in 2002. I had an epidural that became infected and temporarily lost function to my legs. It slowly improved but the infection caused me to get ill with lupus. I had chronic migraines, cluster headaches...
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    Parents with Social Anxiety

    [/URL][/IMG][/IMG] I thought I could start a thread where parents dealing with social anxiety could talk about the hurdles we have to jump and the trials we face because we have this added responsibility. We can share how kids effect our lives and our Social Anxiety. Here are a few topics...
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    Do you consider yourself an introvert, or an extrovert?

    I can see that many introverts have Social Anxiety. I think of myself as an extrovert, although I have gained a lot of qualities that introverts have naturally due to the social anxiety. How do you think of yourself? Have you always been introvert/extrovert or has your tendency changed over...
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    Facebook Anxiety/troll anxiety

    Does anyone else get facebook anxiety? Or anxiety over comments made by trolls? Even political propaganda gets me going. Am I alone, and if not, how do you deal with it? Avoid it? I am already avoiding so much in my life.
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    anxiety tonight/anniversary tomorrow

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    Let me introduce myself..

    Hello, I am new and am just popping in to say hello. I suffer severe social phobia and anxiety and struggle to find ways to cope. At the moment I rarely leave the house and almost never alone. I live in Wisconsin and have a husband and kids. My husband is an artist and I myself dabble in the...