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    Talking over Xbox Live something i just cannot do. It doesn't come naturally, every word i speak (when i actually do decide to say something) is artificial, rehearsed, and pathetic. I'd love to be able to just join in on the conversation, but it's like i lock up and can't say anything. Not to mention, being...
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    DELETED: Nevermind... thread was a flop, as usual.
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    You can look, but you can't touch. :(

    That phrase (thread title) pretty much sums up my experience and ability to talk to girls my age. A place can be full of good looking girls and i just cannot make a move whatsoever ::(: It's like there's a invisible veil over me that instantly dismisses the thought of actually doing it before it...
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    Human Origins

    I was watching Quest last night, at 9 a show called 'The Worlds Strangest UFO Stories' came on. I've seen some before, the show's a bit silly actually, it mocks the Alien/UFO phenomenon for a cheap laugh in some bits. But anyway.. the episode last night was about Alien Intervention in human...
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    Just another moan/rant :(

    I'm just at a loss for what's going to become of me if something doesn't change. I'm even starting to wonder if perhaps this is AvPD, because i rarely get anxiety symptoms while around people. I've just got into the habit of not getting out and mixing with people, classic avoidance behaviour i...
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    Setting yourself challenges

    I know it's the way forward- you have to set yourself challenges, progressively bigger ones. I really want to go to MacDonalds and get a coffee tomorrow, maybe sit down inside. I'd like to even meet someone- i haven't seen my friends (well.. what friends i did have) in about a year of more :(...
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    Just can't describe what's wrong with you?

    My dad's asking me what wrong, what i really feel like, if it's really anxiety, etc.. I want to tell him what's the matter, but feel as if i simply can't get the words out my mouth, or i don't even know myself what's the matter with me. He asks me all sorts of serious questions, like what do...
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    Favourite iPhone apps

    List away.. :D
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    Socially Awkward Penguin!!!

    It's worrying how many of these i can relate too :rolleyes: Socially Awkward Pengiun
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    Dreams taking the pi$$?

    I keep having dreams, but in these dreams, everything is really amazing. I'm happy, life seems fun :eek: i have a girlfriend (always- in every dream) everything is perfect and how it's meant to be. It's kind of like my dreams are taking the pi$$. I wonder if it's the body's way of saying 'DO...
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    post pictures of your instrument!

    My lovely Fender Precision Bass :)
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    The places that low-confidence can get you.

    I think i just needed to vent after this experience. Today, after months of unemployment due to having no confidence to apply for many jobs. I was referred to a place that does a service that gets people back into work. I found myself in a small room with 3 staff and 3 other people in my...
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    Exposure doesn't really help at all?!

    I know they say that exposure therapy is supposed to work wonders, but for me it does nothing, it maybe even makes it worse. Every time i go somewhere with loads of people i get the usual string of events.. blushing, mixing up my words, getting all hot and bothered, acting (and probably looking)...
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    Post a pic of your computer workstation

    I have no idea how to post pictures, i attached a pic, is that right? ::p: Here's my minimalistic setup for my basses, this is mainly my musical area :D
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    ♪ Owl City ♥

    I just wanna say that listening to Adam Young's music from Owl City made me feel a hell of a lot better :D Especially the song Fireflies ♥ I think i'm in love with his music, but not him, coz that would be.. erm, gay. That is all :D