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  • I'd love to see some of your work. No, haven't seen that one. I'm mostly watching tv series these days. I cant play games without getting dizzy btw, I feel like I'm in a carousel and my head won't stop spinning for hours. Wast ist wrong with meh?
    Yeah, true I didn't think it was scary but the first amneasia definitely was scary. I finished the demo but not the game but I don't think there was much left anyway.
    Sounds lovely, haven't seen your artwork in so long, you must have improved quite a bit I'm sure.
    Yeah, I dunno why but sometimes I really like being scared or scaring myself. It's exciting.
    Heyy!! I couldn't find your email adress, I was going to tell you that I (believe it or not) finished amnesia a machine for pigs a few months ago, it was pretty good. I've been playing quite a bit lately, mostly assassins creed black flag. It's soo good. What are you up to these days?
    hey... I'm glad that you've come to this conclusion!
    It's interesting to me... how by similar innate nature, or our conversations together.. we've trended toward a very similar conclusion.

    When we first started chatting I was an art student filled with self-doubt... and just a few weeks back I decided to double major in botany and mathematics... with my eye on biomathematics.

    I'm definitely not as well versed in math and physics as you, but please never hesitate to share ideas regarding these topics whenever you feel like it.. I would be fascinated!

    (PM inbox.. cleared)
    do you have any links to your recent stuff? Drop anything and everything you want into my visitor message box...
    Since I'll be free a week from now, I'll start doing some more painting again.. so we can share our progresses as we go.
    The Last Psychiatrist: How To Draw (This Is Not An Article About How To Draw)

    I suggest that you read this... it provides both insight into artistic perspective and into human behavior.
    I'd really like to see your recent drawings and how you've progressed with this particular portraiture.
    I'd also like to hear your thoughts on how skills developed through art might affect other fields. Being a fairly self conscious artist for most of my life, I've spent a lot of time thinking and writing about the purpose of art in the context of human evolution, development of society and the "ultimate/pure purpose" that essentially defines the mission of an artist. So your thoughts on the topic of art are most intriguing to me.
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