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  • Hi.Have you been getting involved in the holloween festivities or are you not into it?
    Quite a number ofpeople were I live inLondon are out trick or treating but dont think they do any tricking thankfuly.
    That GIF is from the cinematic masterpiece, "Blood In, Blood Out."

    I haven't watched it in twenty years, but I think that sign he's flashing means "Vatos Locos" or "crazy dudes".

    Of course, in our phobic world, I like to interpret it as "Very Lonely", ha ha.
    Oh man, what happened to Raichu?? It was sleeping so peacefully but now it's doing a face plant! :(
    Similarly lived events might also trigger this in me, the ones I don't have good memories of. Glad you are doing okay anyhow. Your avatar needed a rest you mean hehe!!
    Hello Hot_Tamale, what happened to your avatar? (Raichu?) it somehow gives the impression that something is wrong.
    Ye awrite big man? Translation: "Hullo! How it going?" :bigsmile:

    Cheers for the friend invite. :thumbup:
    Heck yea, man! I love SotC. Beat it tons on PS2 and then got the platinum trophy on the HD version for PS3 which required many playthroughs. It's just a beautiful game from the Forbidden Lands to the soundtrack, the theme of companionship and even the colossi themselves.

    Always cool to meet a fellow colossus slayer. lol
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