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  • I appreciate that. :)

    I do mean the Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham. My kid wanted me to make them so I just used green food coloring. I even made pink and green milk. I'm easily amused. hee

    Have you had bulimia for a while now? You're second person that I've met with bulimia. I wish you luck with that because it can be really damaging to a person's body. You don't look like a fat guy though. There's nothing wrong with big guys anyway. You said yourself that you prefer girls with meat on them.

    Did you used to have long hair?
    What's this? Well, I don't feel they should be used for our consumption [gross!], clothing, testing, or entertainment. Treat them with equal respect and compassion.
    That's a very brief explanation of my feelings on the matter though. Hah. :p
    Don't you worry yourself over your comment. I'm not worried about it. Besides, it's not like I have never said something without thinking. I'm starting to think that I'm offending people by being so blunt sometimes.

    How have you been otherwise? I'm alright, just kinda hungry. I'm thinkg about making some mashed potatoes or something. I made us green eggs and ham for breakfast this morning! We even had green milk!

    You'd probably get pissed trying to brush my hair because even though it may look nice, it's a pain in the ass to brush because it's thick (tends to wave) and gets tangled easily. There are days I don't want to bother with it.
    Hiya, sorry for worrying you *hugs* i feel like a right eejit for causing a fuss, but everyone on here is so nice and understanding it's really cool
    Hi, thanks for writing. Actually I was kind of joking a little bit... about me being a horrible lover... I kind of thought that was funny! Sorry, I am a realist. I look at the fact that I am OLD and my chances of ever being with someone diminishes the older I get. Time is now my enemy, and quite honesty there isn't much that I can do to stop my fate. Guess I have kind of accepted it, reluctantly. It hurts, and hat is why I get down and shoot my mouth off here all the time about it. I am sure some will think I am a whiner and I complain about it all the time. But that is why I joined SPW, so I have some place to vent, because I have nobody that will listen or even wants to hear this same old rhetoric from me. Even I get tired of me complaining about it, but in all honesty I don't have the balls to do anything outside of my comfort zone. Seriously stuck where I am at. Thanks again mate! Curt
    If growing up means I have to quit playing games, I'm never growing up, lol. I used to play Mario with my dad too. Unfortunately, he sold both Super Nintendos I had :( Also unfortunately, I never did actually beat SM 3.

    Luckily nowadays we can download emulators and roms to play them on the pc.
    hey! thanks, bud! i've had other people ask about designing their tattoos, but i just think about something i want, haha... you should get something symbolizing overcoming this whole anxiety thing! that's pretty powerful! i'll be getting a lotus when i'm able to get out in the world and feel good about it, haha :)
    Hey, thanks for the message....that actress wouldn't happen to be Devon Aoki, would it? She played Suki in 2 Fast 2 Furious. I get told a lot that we look alike, though Idk if it shows in pictures. Your profile info reminds me of the guy I'm dating. He's Irish, plays guitar (heavy rock/industrial) and loves veggies and exercise, too. Small world :)
    I used to buy xanex and valium of people i knew,i wudnt recommend either cus there way to addictive and the results are short lived u wud always have to keep taken more.lisbon is a load of bollocks we already tld them we didnt want it kinda unfair to make people do it again a 2nd time alot of scare tactics bein used by both sides this time u have family in ireland.think im in a better mind for therapy now than i was before so waiten on a cbt session to come tru for me
    Thats gud that there workin for you.hav u ever tryed any of the therapys or anxiety groups?.are you orignally from cavan
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