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  • I don't think they preform in my area :(
    I hope you get to see them one day though
    My favourite album by them would be The Suburbs, so I guess I prefer that to Funeral.
    Neon Bible is okay, though it was out around the time as Modest Mouse's new album, and I love MM to death.
    Oh, my favourite by her is Rejazz, a great break-up song (though I guess I can't relate to it....) Which song did they cover? I'll have too look it up:)
    Aw :( violin is pretty cool (even if they are viola's rival) I hope you can find a tutor!
    I like Florence and the Machine as well, but my favourites would be Regina Spektor and Modest Mouse. I also adore Vitamin String Quartet, have you heard of them?
    It is a good album, and song :D I love her song manic depression(from laced/unlaced I think), I wanted to learn the notes for my electric viola, but that didn't happen XD
    What other artist do you like?
    I have a playstation 3 console and an XBOX, however I prefer to play PC games instead, as I previously mentioned, the graphics is a whole lot more realistic then gaming consoles by far.
    I haven't yet played the game you had mentioned, however I love playing the PC game Paradise B. Sokal, who I play the part of Anne Smith, as she is the victim of an airplane accident. Anne Smith goes on a fantastic Journey across Africa, accompanied by a black leopard. This game is fantastic and if you enjoy adventure games, Paradise is one of the best I have ever played so far.
    Hi LonelyKitune and your Irish !nice!, I'm from Sydney Australia myself and I enjoy playing video games also. I just finished playing F.E.A.R. and paradise. I buy PC games for my home computer, I do have a playstation 3 console, however the graphics is a whole lot realistic playing PC games.
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