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  • lol farmers tan! sorry havent been on :) and u will get out if u really want to id love to aswell just think a bit of sunshine works wonders! where wud u like to go?
    Heeeeeeeeey you! sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you, i get confuzzled with who i have replied to, it's only just now i realised i haven't got back to you yet 0_o

    You can still go swimming and running every day, you don't need to be on a training course to keep doing it! You seriously need to get some numbers and keep in touch with the people on the course, that way you guys can train together whenever you want then you won't need to miss anything because you'll still be doing it hehe
    When does your training finish? you can always keep in touch with everyone once it's over :)

    Oooooh you should get your leg seen to by a physio or something, if you leave it it could get worse! even light exercise could affect it :(

    I'm doing ok, i a mahoosive row with spiderman the other day and we kind of broke up, but he's coming over soon so we can have a chat, so *fingers crossed* we can sort things out!
    aye yer right, the pain is addictive. my arms and the top of my ribcage are really painful but in a good way. so then it becomes even more addictive. if that makes sense for a change ;):D
    Duuuuuude when i posted that message about lunch is was past 2pm have you changed your time settings on here :p
    Oi...cheeky sod :p
    Luckily i had a life before my SA kicked in full time so even though it seems like you're further on than me, you're really not so nurrrrrrr lol
    It has been ages since we chatted :(
    I'm not online as much as i used to be, i've actually been getting out and about more yaaaaaay

    LOL Spiderman is really good, I told him you called him that and he thinks you're a loon :p
    Well, I mean you can move up in leisure, management types but sometimes requires a business degree. It is a lot of stress working in leisure depending on your job position, but again you can do it! haha I love Rob Snieder. Yes! that's awesome everyone should wear their swimsuits in public too!!
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