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  • Yep, sure is. Thanks for the add. I will try to get on msn later tonight. I hope to talk to you then!
    Thanks for acceptin.galway is grand but theres always room for improvement ha.jst found this website you gettin on wer abouts you from
    Hi Blackkids, I'm doin well.. got a good laugh from the Peep show post you did. I actually couldn't get it to open on here but i youtubed it.. HILARIOUS! I will have to get the dvd's when they come out, tv shows are a bit behind in Australia, if shown at all. Great series, thanks for the laugh :D
    I'm not sure but probably lol. I like the beatles but Michael Jackson is amaazing
    ahh nice one buddy, yeah try as i might there was no keeping me away lol
    I go on MSN a lot to talk to my bf, but i get scared to talk to anyone else, so i add people but end up blocking them or appearing offline so they don't know i'm there...stupid isn't it? lol
    That's actually so true, most people have issues no matter how happy they seem to the outside world, just normals seem to cope better with life than us lol
    and thank you so much for the offer of a vent, same goes for you, i'm always here if you need to talk :)
    I know what you mean, it is so refreshing meeting someone that doesn't seem to have issues, they just get on with life with a smile on their face, it's nice having someone like that in your life, i'm so pleased for you :)
    Way to go on the weight loss that's really amazing, you must be so proud of yourself! you won't only be running the marathon, at this rate you'll be winning it as well hehe
    That's brilliant, it's cool that you've met someone! where did you meet her? Let me in on your secret for a new outlook please, i could do with a fresh start right about now lol
    Hey you, i'm not doing very well right now, i'm a sad Pink Princess hehe how are you doing? i hope all is well in your world :)
    Yeah, I think it's normal for everyone to have bad days. At the end of the day, I have to remind myself that I am a decent person and that I have everything that a person could need.
    Rodrigo should have won but I'm happy enough with the outcome. Sophie is a nice lass with charming qualities and nice personalities :D. I felt indifferent about the rest of them for some time, especially Siavash.
    Oh you were my first message ever...thanks :) For sure im a Beatles fan...and your username subtly implies you might like Black Kids!! Hows the healthy living going for you?
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