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    My Christmas Present to YOU!

    Properly not remembered but used to be quite a regular here. Suffered from acute social anxiety, insomnia, depression. The reason I haven't been posting is due to the fact I've over come all these pretty sucessfully. In fact extremely sucessfully. Anxiety is still there, as it has to be...
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    The best way to approach Girls

    Thi s is a question for the ladies but fellas feel free to putyour opinion in too. Generally if I like a girl I like to get on with letting her know. Can't be bothered playing games so Id ask her out pretty quickly. How do you like to be approached by guys? Has occurred to me that been...
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    100 Press Up Challenge

    Think ya man enough to be able to do 100 consecutive Press ups? I'm following a 6 week program that, yes you guess it, involves lots and lots of press ups. I'm doing it for bragging rights, get my arms/chest ripped plus you burn a good few calories off (17000+) The program just asked that you...
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    Exercise fights Anxiety

    Exercise is the best thing you can do to help your anxiety. Not only does it release a natural high that helps with stress/depression/anxiety Its helped me with everything my anxiety was related too. Cholesterol is down Blood pressure down and perfectly healthy Lost 20KG!!! Self esteem up...
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    I feel so stupid :(

    Anyone who knows me / has read my posts knows I've always made a big deal about safe sex. I've always been extra careful and I've known my partners history. Anyway I was feeling lonely so I picked up a random girl in a bar (result right). We had a great time (well I know I did lol ). Afterwards...
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    Charity Kisses

    I've decided that throughout december I'll be carrying mistletoe around with me, the main goal of kissing this cute girl I have a crush on lol For every kiss I get I'll donate money to The Irish Cancer Society. How can they say no? lol Plus it will be good for my anxiety (or whats left of it ) :)
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    Peep Show

    New season Starting on Friday, Channel 4! Can't wait :D Thought id give the heads up incase there are any other fans here. And if you've never seen it then your missing out!
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    How did you meet your Partner?

    I'm intrested in how people with Social Anxiety/ Avpd etc met their partners. How long did the relationship last, Did SA effect your relationship? Anything else you wanna include too :)
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    I've been thinking about buying a webcam as I'm trying to push myself to do as many uncomfy things as possible. I'm already starting to think about how people will judge me. Anyone else have a problem/fear of using one?
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    Relationship Issues

    Over the last couple of years I've "developed" one major issue when I comes committing to relationships. In a nut shell I know I can always better myself. Get physically fitter, financially better off,more confident etc etc. This then makes me think that I shouldnt really try to commit when I...
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    Serious Illness

    Is anyone else almost 100% convinced that they have some kind of serious illness? I've been to see a doctor and he dismissed but I still can't get it outta my head. I wondered if its a common issue with SA?
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    Overcoming the root of my problem

    The way SA effects me is by convincing me everyone is judging/thinking negativily about. I'd fear that will happen and I'll be made a fool of. Because of this I avoid people who might know me/local events/local bars. There's a show coming up this weekend in my village. I've decided that no...
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    Sweet Amnesia

    Ronald Rood said that "Human beings are born with just two basic fears. One is the fear of loud noises. The other is the fear of falling. All other fears must be learned. " So based on that theory Social Phobia is something that we have all developed (everyone must agree with that). Getting...
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    Private Therapy Cost

    So I thought it might be a good idea to go the a therapist and try work out some off my issues. I just spoke to one guy who charges 60euro per hour. What the hell??? He seemed more than qualified but damn. I always get the feeling that they would rather make a profit than help.
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    I've always wanted to start a BAND!!!

    I just wondered how many if any people here have ever wanted to be in a band but haven't because of SA. I've always been pretty musical. I play Guitar mainly, I can play drums and I'm going to start playing the piano. People have told me I'm pretty decent. I've always wanted to get together just...