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  • Haha I would say thanks but then I'd be taking credit from the youtube video I pathetically stole that line from ::p:

    I will definitely thank you for reading my journal post though, especially knowing how ridiculously long it was. So thanks~ :D
    Yeah, I've been trying to stay off the internet. I find it quite suffocating at times. But it's nice to drop in once in a while!

    I have such an "all or nothing" personality... I must try to cultivate more moderation in my habits. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Maybe one day I'll get the hang of it!

    My town has a new library... it's small, but I've found a few good books to keep me busy. I love anything to do with ancient civilizations, especially their construction techniques. That kind of thing keeps me absorbed for hours. And what about you? Anything grab your interest lately?
    Springbok protests? It was a good cause. I have seen footage but I was only a nipper when that happened. Its funny the things that stick in your mind :)
    Awesome. My mum knows Karl Kippenbergers I have had no personal affiliation with them. Shihad a kiwi institution. I hope you are well :)
    Oh yah:D! Two of my favorite characters from a series called Hunter x Hunter (apparently you don't pronounce the "x":rolleyes:)!
    I felt I could relate. The black cloud of pessimism and disappointment struck a chord with me. Tigger was kinda cool though... for a laugh ;)
    I saw some pohutukawa along evans bay last week. Haven't seen much more though. It seems to be struggling this year.
    Thanks. If you are up for it again, for sure... maybe after the new year? Just let me know :)
    Not that it much seems to matter as far as the thread goes. Once again, people are arriving at their conclusions because of their emotional appeal, and no argument, however eloquent, will convince them otherwise. :/
    Heh. I thought about posting that Plato quote in my first post in that thread, but the origins of it are a bit suspect.

    I compromised with Roger Daltrey.

    Understood completely :) No problem at all....and yes the weather was stunning. I am glad all is well, enjoy the break.
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