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  • I am thanks, feeling a lot better. Most of my negative emotions tend to be fleeting for the most part, thank goodness. Thank you for asking. I hope you enjoy your night tonight with your family. :)
    I need to start paying attention more to your post titles - they make me smile :)
    Hehe really its all about thinking outside the biscuit box....I just cant seem to pull myself away from these cookies though nyom nyom nyom :)
    Why thank you :)

    I thought I should edit the original for obvious reasons. I am glad you caught the extreme no holds barred version of the post though, before the thread was removed ;)
    Haha thanks. :) I hope you're feeling better. I did read you were feeling low for some reason. You're always awesome, so I hope that makes you feel better. :)
    I am fine - I just feel a bit foolish. I need some time away for a while to mellow out and reflect on things. Thank you though, I do appreciate it. :) I hope you are well.
    Well - I'm sorry - I didnt mean to come across that way at all. I didnt mean any offense... thats the last thing that I try to do. And I am sorry that I missed the point, I try to understand but I got it wrong this time.
    Sorry Aletheia - that wasnt in response to you that was in response to the post above - I am gonna edit that though because it sounds a bit snipey and mean :)
    I find it encouraging that you want so much to have a purpose and are willing to take a chance for one. I am impressed that you participate so much in these forums which looks like a step in the right direction.
    Regarding the Invalids Benefit, it's become a vicious circle, somewhat degrading and does nothing for my self-esteem. Although I don't oppose dropping out I think one does need to have some sort of purpose in life.
    For that book recommendation, may I say that I love you Aletheia::eek::? Now, if you would be so kind as to buy it for me......:D!
    I must say it took a while for me to see what you meant there :D
    But yeah, I don't even know what happened, but I guess it got fixed :)
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