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  • I'm a cleaner. Exciting, right? Haha. We always start at 5AM, which is certainly not getting any easier. Oh, well. It's a job and I get paid for it, so that's all that really matters.

    You're welcome. :)
    Thoughts at 4:45AM just before work:

    You're cool. I really enjoy your presence on the forum. :)
    WTF i see you guys got the biggest bug on the planet. That fool was just chillin and eating a whole carrot like nothing was going on o_O
    No its not painful. They just pissed me off lol. I told those fools twice to let me know if they were gonna be gaming and even gave them my number. I prefer to think they're just intimidated by my overwhelming masculinity lmao
    pretty yucky most of the day, starting to perk up

    i may have took too many benadryl - i'm feeling a bit hyperactive!!
    mmm... just feel a little too exposed...heart rate returning too a pulling off a plaster..or jumping into icy cold water..its not so bad once you do it. I feel too shy to respond though :p but thank you :)
    Can you remember the beautiful things by the front lawn? I can still remember the organ riff..
    Haha I thought so, somethings wrong with that part of the planet :p

    Umm well I know for a fact I have to do organic chemistry if I want to stay on track, maybe physics too but I sure hope not. Im a biology major thats why.
    40 ain't old lol.......ya know what they say life begins at 40 and gets a lot nbetter after that :)
    Whats New Zealand like? DOnt you guys have animals that dont live anywhere else in the world living there?
    I lived in Japan for a few years and got deployed to Bahrain. (im former military) I've stopped in Hong Kong but didnt get to stay unfortunately. I want to see Europe! >.< Hopefully I'll be going there next fall for school.
    no polar bears - and while, i'm sure there are a number of the other kind of bears, i haven't encountered them myself :]

    we have black bears though

    there are also wolves, coyote, and grey fox (some live under my cottage) fishers, opossums, racoons, deer, porcupines, and an occasional mountain lion
    Thank you :) Yeah that's what I'm scared about too, I'm already not the best employee ever so if in addition to that I suck at social gatherings... :( I wish there was a magic pill to be able to follow and participate in conversations with lots of people for hours... But then I guess it would be too easy :p
    "...the biggest danger you face in New Zealand..."

    oh yeah? what about this?... Scary Giant Bug!!!
    You're welcome :D Now Im gonna take my butt to bed before I pass out. Its past 3 am here
    I am OK. I had to console my neighbor though, she doesnt handle earthquakes very well at all. Glad you are alright. That one should last us for a few months at least.
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