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Old 07-26-2015

Not so much in the past, but I'm changing now. I didn't care about how I dressed, but recently I started wearing a lot of shirts because i like them; I didn't care very much about my hairstyle but I changed it two months ago, I wasn't interested in having a good-looking skin...and I feel the same now . Then, for example, I started using contact lenses (I searched it on google, I don't know if it's right) because I didn't like to wear glasses anymore, in the past few months I started shaving more frequently and two years ago I started running and I've lost some weight. I've never been ok with myself esthetically speaking, and I found out that it's possible to look a little better with some adjustments, even though miracles are impossible.
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Old 11-27-2015

I care so much that I avoid looking in the mirror. It seems a bit ironic.
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Old 11-27-2015

Originally Posted by sense View Post
I care so much that I avoid looking in the mirror. It seems a bit ironic.
Same. I'm slowly shifting towards "well nothing I do is gonna make me look any better, might as well just give up" now.

Especially hate the mirrors at work. I don't know what's up with them, bad lighting maybe, but I always feel worse when I look in them than in my mirror at home.
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Old 11-27-2015
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I somehow getting lazy to care about hygiene sometimes.
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Old 11-28-2015
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In a way, I do. I regularly do exercise and eat healthy in order to avoid gaining weight.
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Old 11-28-2015
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Personal hygiene is important to me. It makes me feel better, like I have some control..

I shower twice a day. When I get up, and before bed. And even if I don't go out or do anything, I like to look nice and smell good. Its the way i allow myself to treat myself, i guess. In the small things like using fancy lotion, doing my hair, manicures and pedicures.. That kind of stuff.
It all sounds high maintenance, but its really not.

I do exercise most days, but I eat whatever I want. I'm going back to clean eating, to try and feel healthier...

And I also avoid mirrors. Besides the one I have in the restroom, I don't own any other mirrors.
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Old 11-28-2015

I think there's a balance; you should care about your physical appearance, but not too much or too little. For example, some people obsess over it such as about aspects of their looks they're insecure about. They think it's such a hindrance to their success, and that everybody else is noticing, when that's not the case at all. In all honesty, I've never seen a person, ever, and even care about the way they look unless they're an attractive woman. Other than that, it doesn't matter. It all goes unnoticed and even what you may be so insecure about that you think other people are noticing.

So, I say it's just best to fully accept and embrace how you look. Accept what you cannot change. Fighting it only causes negative feelings and thoughts. Accept the inevitable. I'm starting to put this into practice because I've been insecure about how I look for a long time. My goal is to look in the mirror and genuinely love what I see. Also, my goal is to only care about how I look when I get ready to go out. After that, there's no point in giving any thought to my appearance. That does nothing. I'm done fighting this losing battle against the inevitable and I know how detrimental not liking how you look is to confidence. It's really bad.

@ Nodejesque - You should do the same and start to embrace how you look. Avoiding mirrors is behavior that only makes you feel worse inside and constantly feeds the belief that you're ugly. So, I think the time is now to give up what we know is detrimental to our happiness and success in life. When you identify a bad behavior in your life and bad habits that have probably been in place for quite a while, get rid of them immediately. To reach our full potential, I've realized we need to do what we know is best for us to do so, despite how we feel.
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nodejesque (11-29-2015)
Old 11-28-2015

I really dont care about my appearance that much. I dont buy new clothes and I dont change my hair style. many times people told me that I should go and get a hair cut. I know its not right, but cant help it.
I dont really care how I look. but sometimes, when people look at me in weird way or when people say it, then I care a bit and then again, after few days, I am myself again.
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Old 11-29-2015
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Apparently not. I hate looking like crap but I don't do much about it.
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Old 11-29-2015
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I'm clean, but that's about the extent of my efforts usually. My clothes are old and wearing out and I don't have the money for new clothes any time soon. So there's not much I can do for that aspect of my appearance. As long as im clean, smell nice and have brushed my hair and teeth before I go out that's good enough for me...
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Old 11-29-2015

I'm very harsh on myself when it comes to how I look to the point that it causes me to not want to put much effort into my apperance because I only end up frustrated. I do keep up with basic hygenie, but when it comes to things like fashion, my hair, or makeup I feel like it's overall a wasted effort for me because in my mind there's still always something off about how I look.

A large part of that mindset comes from being teased and insulted often in the past, with a lot of the worst comments coming from members of my family. I guess I never fully recovered from it.
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Old 11-29-2015
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Originally Posted by PerseverareJasmine View Post
I'm very harsh on myself when it comes to how I look to the point that it causes me to not want to put much effort into my apperance because I only end up frustrated. I do keep up with basic hygenie, but when it comes to things like fashion, my hair, or makeup I feel like it's overall a wasted effort for me because in my mind there's still always something off about how I look.

A large part of that mindset comes from being teased and insulted often in the past, with a lot of the worst comments coming from members of my family. I guess I never fully recovered from it.
Hi Jasmine, I can relate to how you feel. I was only ever teased within my family. Being the youngest of five girls... They could get pretty creative. I know that they didn't do it in a malicious way, its just something siblings do.... But that shit stayed with me.

I started altering my appearance with makeup, hair dye, piercings... Everything drastically.... Until I looked nothing like myself. And I loved it. But.... I do realize it wasn't what I wanted. My nieces and nephews didn't recognize me in our family pictures from before... They only knew me as I'd changed, so slowly I started shedding some of the layers. While keeping true to myself.

From what you have shared on here.... I think you are quite beautiful. And have such an amazing gift of voice. If you want to try out makeup and fashion, do it on your terms.... Not what is in or not in. Try out new stuff, even if it looks ugly on the hanger or on the webpage (I do most shopping online and at thrift stores).

I'm not saying that you have to change who you are or your style, but I know that when I feel down about myself, a change always makes me feel better. Whether it's adding eyeliner, cutting my bangs, or whatever.

My sisters sometimes make comments to tease me, because that's what we do. I just got my nose repeirced this weekend, and on of them told me it looked like a booger. I usually tell them to go choke on a fat ****, but in this case, i dared her... And she got her nose pierced too. Im still shocked she did it lol. We are all close and tease each other, and I doubt they understand the impact that such teasing had on me when we were kids, but I don't get upset. I just deal with it the best that I can.

Don't be scared to do new things and reinvent yourself. Try new colors and styles... Cut them up, and make them your own. It's a creative outlet, plus you might make or find something you love.
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PerseverareJasmine (11-30-2015)
Old 06-21-2017

I care for it, as much as I LIKE how i look, others dont seem to though to be honest...
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Old 06-22-2017
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Yes and no. When I'm at home, usually I have no problem with wearing whatever I want. I admit though, I don't have a very stylish wardrobe. My clothes are pretty casual, just jeans, tank tops, long sleeved shirts, t-shirts, ect. I also wear glasses. If I were to be honest with anyone, I absolutely hate having to wear skirts/dresses/high heels.

And yes, I have worn them from time to time, but ony for special occasions. Still, I don't feel like myself when I'm dressed in those kind of clothes. I don't know... maybe I just hate having to impress people and strangers who I'll never likely see in my life again. Let me also just say, I do tend to feel extremely awkward around people who overload me with sugar coated compliments all the time. It's nice to hear and all, but I'd like to talk about other things besides that. It's when they keep beating it to death is what drives me insane.
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Old 08-14-2017

I've spent a lot of money on my appearance, unfortunately. I'll be having surgery soon in the hope of correcting a skin problem.
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Old 08-15-2017
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Nope, or barely. I wear one set of clothes, all day, every day (including bed), which i never or very rarely wash. But according to the temperature, i may take off or put on some clothes to suit. Also, I never shower, so my hair is oily & itchy.
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Old 11-25-2017
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I got bullied by how I looked. So for the longest time, I'd always always wear a jacket to cover up my "alien arms". Long shirts, long pants, oversized jacket.

But now I don't quite feel the same way. At home, tbh I wear pajamas fuk it. If I ever go out I'll usually dress nice, all black, have make-up done, jewelry, etc. I got over my arms and can wear a tank top with zero fuks.

fuk em all

Also, why does it censor me?
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Old 11-26-2017
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I like to stay hygienically clean. I'm butt ugly though. I also like to wear clean clothes.
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Old 11-27-2017

I simply cannot be bothered to shave every other day, but mostly for the sole reason that I have days off from work and I don't care what the outside world thinks of my face. But my facial hair grows at such a quick rate, I look like Gregory House from the TV show House M.D. more days then not, I also have his hairstyle when I wake up in the morning (for now until it grows longer). It makes me wonder if people think I'm a homeless person because my favorite jacket has holes in it and my hat is stained too.
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Lionhearted (12-01-2017)
Old 11-29-2017

I used to care alot in the time my SA was at it's worst. I'd be unhappy about every little thing I didn't like about myself. It was hard for me to leave the house even at times, but never so much that i stayed home because of it. I wouldn't allow that xD. But at that time I was very sensitive about every form of judgement of others about anything.

Nowdays I hardly care. Maybe just about my hair or clothes sometimes for it to be decent, but i found peace with the way I look. Also through the years i realized more and more that for people to like you a nice personality is so much more important. The people who'd judge me (and others) on appearance I don't even want to be friends with. Never thought i'd be able to think like this back in the day, but slowly it changed for the good. I care much more about judgements of certain personality traits. For example it's hard for me to get rid of the anxiety of being judged boring. Hopefully thats also something i can get over too.
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