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  • Nice to meet you!
    It's find to have someone who welcome you when you join to a new forum.

    Well, it sounds as a pannic attack. I wish you go on fighting to be better each day.
    I was diagnosed with AvPD seven years ago and well, I'm going on, trying to survive each day.

    See you! :)
    Hi there:greeting: you've only just registered? I didn't realise that. If I had known, I would have waited at least an hour before sending out a FR:) But I certainly appreciate your kindness in accepting my FR though:thumbup:

    As for your question, well it's probably fair to say that I try to avoid social interactions if I can. Although it's not like I don't want to be more sociable, it’s just that when I do venture out into the world, it sometimes feels like I’m about to go into cardiac arrest. And this usually happens when I’m doing the most mundane of things, like standing in line at a supermarket. I just wish I had the ability to reason with my central nervous system, and explain that standing in line to buy a huge amount of chocolate is not a fight or flight situation. Well unless my subconscious is making me think that the other shoppers are going to steal my chocolate away from me, then I suppose I can understand why I would feel that way.

    Anyway :) thanks for stopping by.
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