What does your username mean?

That I am a looney. Africa is a jungle and we are all savages there.
I mean, just look at my ears, you can understand that I am a freaking monkey.
Mine has 2 possible meanings:
A) Avatar is that of eric clapton playing his guitar, & his nickname is "slow hand"
B) Take away the "s", & you get the-lowest-hand (a really dumb hand in a card game; the worst hand possible)

My username used to be "thesmallestloser" (based on tv program "The Biggest Loser"; i am very thin/skinny)
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I thought The Outsider was a perfect name for me because I never feel a part of the crowd, often on the outside looking in. It's not entirely a negative name at all as I prefer to be a loner. The inspiration was a character from one of my favorite writers, Dean Koontz in his book called Watchers. The Outsider was a monster meant solely for destruction created in a lab who unexpectedly developed a self awareness and actually loathed his own existence. Sad character but I thought it was a cool name. LOL.

Interestingly, my very favorite writer, Stephen King is coming out with a book called The Outsider. I can't wait to read it.