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  • I do not really speak Portuguese, but I can understand partially what is written, I had a lot of Brazilian teachers, these guys are everywhere, wherever there is electronics, I like their accent, they don't just roll the 'R' but they swallow it.

    Result --> Hesult. There is a considerable difference between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, what is official in Brazilian might be slang in Portuguese.

    Not learn English in France, but maintain it, because unlike in my hometown, I can do it here, with all the English speakers there are. The French in general are not good in English, that's a widely spread stereotype you are right. But in Paris it's not quite so.

    I am a very selective person too, I can assure you, be it with videogames, movies and music.
    I only play the big ones : Hitman, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid....etc
    My all time favourite games are : Pokémon (Crystal Version), and Advance wars.

    Curious about your music tastes as well.
    Literature is something, that, sadly really bores me, I've read War and Peace just to humour a Russian friend of mine. The only books I read are language books and somethings that make me learn new things, I am not really into the beauty of reading.

    Haha, you bet I do! Most of the time just for their music and many covers that can be found on youtube, one of my favourites are : Persona 4 and Persona 5 whose music is such a masterpiece, I am a long time fan of Pokémon, I've also watched Naruto and Deathnote, Street Fighter.

    That was a joke for UNESCO, it's because they have 6 official languages (Fr, Ar, En, Cn, Ru, Es).
    Before coming to France I was rarely compelled to speak English, I struggled as much as I assume you did with Spanish, since the only way to express yourself or learn anything is through internet, if you are not exposed to it.

    Do you like video games?
    American / Russian movies and series are what I watch most of the time as well.
    Watching foreign movies appeals me because you can learn a lot of people's culture through them.
    Finnish is almost similar to Estonian when written, lots of vowels. ä ö y (are the soft ones) and a o u (are the hard ones) they cannot generally much in the same word.

    Know ? about 20, that I could easily distinguish, I only really speak 5 of them, though. (Arabic French English Russian Spanish), once I'll know how to speak Mandarin, I think I'll get hired at UNESCO.
    How about you?
    Swedish movies : Kopps, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Snabba cash

    Norwegian : Kongen av Bastøy, En ganske snill mann, Kraftidioten, Arme Riderre (my favourite), Hodejegerne, Ninjatroppen, Elling, Reprise.

    Danish : Green butchers, In china they eat dogs, Blinkende lygter

    Finnish : Lapland odyssey (1, 2 and 3), Heart of a lion, Naked harbour, Frozen land, The garbage prince, The other side of hope.

    and many other movies, whose name I have forgotten.

    What kind of cinema do you like?

    Well, motivating enough if the language is appealing to hear. Finnish really attracts me, but I am not likely to study it before long, because of the complex system (similar to Japanese and Turkish), and the fact that it is only spoken in one country.
    Thank you, yes I did know that it was Swedish/Bokmal/Danish.
    I briefly interested myself in Bokmal, but I dropped it, because jeg har ikke tid, and you guys already speak impeccable English.
    I know how to differentiate the three languages though, but not Nynorsk. Danes sounds almost like Dutchmen. Also, very interested in Scandinavian movies (Finnish included).
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