Were you breastfed?


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I was never breastfed, and was wondering how many of you weren't breastfed either. I've read some researches indicating that babies who weren't breastfed are more prone to mental illnesses later in life.


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I wasn't breastfed and neither is my brother. It's interesting that you bring that up because we're both loony, but then again I think we're just the product of a pretty messed up family.
Also, I have a friend who was breastfed as a child and she's suffering from depression at the moment.
I know that a mother's breast milk is the best option for a baby although nowadays they make very good formula. Can you tell us any specifics?


Can´t remember :D. My mother said now, yes, half year and that it was a record for that time. Today, people breastfeed as long as 2 years :eek:.


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I was. As for the duration, I'm not sure. Maybe it was short and contributed to the likelihood of me developing a mental condition somehow.
I have bad SA all my life but no depression.

I think a lot of factors, like genetics, childhood nutrition, parenting, environment where you grew up, all contribute to SP. breastfeeding is probably not the main cause.