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  • hey there, what's cooking? I loooovee the dexter quote in your sig. Think i'm going to try a few episodes just because of that quote.
    Hi, you have a very beautiful sig, I like things that are colourful! such a constrast though from my avatar, haha.. and your pretty too from your profile pic :)
    [email protected]
    Hi Dear
    I am jeanne by name,a m 5fit8 taller, good looking, perfect body and honest some one.I saw your profile here in Social Phobia World :: Meet other Social Phobia Sufferers. and I was delighted to contact you, I hope you are the true loving, honest and caring some one that I have been looking for, And I have something special to tell you about my self,
    So please try contact me directly through my email address at ([email protected]) with your personal email address so that I can exchang my world with you more better, also introduce my self proparly and send my picture to you, waiting to hearing from you soon.
    hey, im just checking that your doing well. :)
    i hope you are, its just cause i havent seen any posts from you for a wee while now <3
    i dont really have religious beliefs as you have mentioned in a post.
    but one thing is for sure, since joining this site i dont feel nearly as bad as i used too.
    im sure you agree :)
    ps. i always love reading your posts
    i dont see "A mistake." i see a beautiful and caring young girl :) and dont let anyone tell you otherwise :)
    Definitely not.

    Rita getting killed-off really got my hopes up for next season. It's agony waiting for September to come back around again.
    Yeah season 2 was great, I loved all seasons, but probably season 2 could be my favorite too. Dexter falling in "love", cops on his tale and conflicts with Doakes were great.
    Yeah I'm waiting for the Season 4 finale too. Which one is my favorite I really don't know, I loved them all in a way. But I do know that Thanksgiving episode for me was one of the best episodes. :)
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