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  • Hi Amie! Thank you for writing me. No worries about response times, as long as you come back here just to say hi is awesome! I am glad you are going camping and just doing something you enjoy! I am happy for you! Have fun and be safe! As for me, I just got done with 1 of 4 semesters at college. I've been unemployed for over a year, and I am currently going for a degree in nursing. I'm starting out as a LPN after 2 years in this program, then onto the RN program at a local community college. So I have also been very busy. I was planting tree's on my property a few weeks ago. Planted another 1000 seedlings. Allot of work caring for seedlings, especially when the grass and weeds can choke the seedlings and cause them to die due to lack of light and water / nutrients. Talk to you soon my friend! <3 <3
    oh just so you know i sent that will you marry me stuff to about 30 people lol when i was drunk :) i havent seen you on here much :confused: but then im not on here to much myself as of late , thanks for the pic comment ;)
    Have you been doing any winter camping? Also don't be afraid of posting... There have been allot that have left, come back and left only to come back again... So it happens! I know I have missed you...
    I am well, thanks for asking! You should lurk more often! Haha! I hope you are well! [IMG]
    yo yo! How was your trip to England?? Sorry if you dont remember me, we talked some over the summertime and I just rediscovered this site. And I remember you were traveling alone to England! How was it?? I didn't get to go on mine...
    Thank you Amie for that excellent survey you made for us in the thread : 70 facts about you. I hope more people will take the time to answer the questions.
    Hi Amie, I saw that you came back... sorta? I hope that you are okay? I felt bad when I saw that it looked like you left here.... Anyways, I hope you are here to stay. Take care, Curt
    Aww, no worries hunnie:)
    I look forward to talking to you!You seem to be such a lovley person inside & out;)
    Peace & Love
    Lets dance! (but not to the song they're playing on the radio, something much better) :)
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