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  • Hi Argamemnon....hope all's well. I am sorry you are going through a difficult time. I can relate to what you said about feeling down when exposing yourself to social situations and then withdrawing afterwords, which just makes you feel worse. I can relate very much to that. I just hope you don't consider suicide, not a very good solution. Hopefully things will improve for the both of us. Hope is the only thing that keeps me going at this point.

    Cheers, and all the best to ya!
    I'm from the States down in the South. It's really hot and humid here!! I'm ready for it to cool off a bit. The Netherlands seems like a really cool place. I've never been to Europe.
    Teehee, I'm learning for fun :) Maybe my blog can help you learn :D

    I know a little Turkish too, since I go to school with a lot of people from Turkey....they taught me a lot of basic phrases like hos geldiniz, nasilsiniz, hosca kalin, etc. (even though I still can't hold a conversation in Turkish). I actually took a once-a-week course back in 2007 for a semester, but the lady who was teaching it left so then I've forgotten most of it, sadly. Turkish is a really tough language!

    You must know a lot of Turkish yourself.
    Hey, cool. I'm learning Persian :D (my blog is if you want to visit it). I'm a beginner. That's a nice poem....who's the poet?
    That was an interesting read, thanks. Sometimes I think depression is almost a natural thing, and it's strange to me that some people don't get it :|
    I'm doing ok argamemnon. I've got a sore rib today so it hurts to inhale and cough, so that sucks! I don't know how it happened! Had a really really depressed few weeks, but the last few days haven't been as bad, so I'm hopeful that this week I'll get my life back on track. I have college exams in three weeks so I need to get back on track :eek:
    Are how are you feeling? I hope you're having a good weekend :)
    Oh I see. I sometimes feel depressed when i'm around people because I feel alone, but when i'm on my own I sometimes get very lonely. So I guess it's a case of finding the right people, and balance. I'm not too bad now, yesterday I was really depressed and I got up about 12pm this afternoon. Sometimes depression just hits me like that and I don't feel like talking.
    Are you still feeling very depressed? I don't know what to say for the best other than the lowest of points slowly pass with time. For me depression comes in waves, some larger than others. All you can do is ride it out I guess.
    Oh no! i hope you feel better soon, and with the economy the way it is, it's so hard to find a job! but good luck with your search! me? i'm just meh lol
    you're welcome :). I just realized that your username was argamemnon, for some reason I've always read it as armageddon.
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