Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

I'm starting to notice more often now that I'm at the age where people I saw as much older than me when I was younger are now, at the time I viewed them when I was younger, are now actually younger than me. Like when I watch early episodes of Friends I can't help but notice the characters are all my age or a little younger. Or when I was just watching a music video for a Fiona Apple song, I do the math and realize she was 21 at the time. When I first heard it I was 16 and she seemed so much older than me. Now I'm nearly 28 and haven't been 21 in a dog year. But I still view that 21 year old Fiona Apple as older than me, and that cast of Friends are all grown-ups at a place in life I might get to someday, not at a place I currently am. Time and age are weird things.
I've got toothache and can't get to a dentist. Also feeling a little out of control. I keep trying to get it together and be organised but right now I'm kind of twitchy. Hope I get through this one. I have support staff around me, well not actually here but I don't want to run to them all the time. The more staff that are around the more I run to them. I'm sure, or at least I think I sure that I used to handle distress better. Actually, maybe not; that's what all the substance abuse was all about and I don't do that now. Eleven months clean.