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As there has been quite a bit of interest in gaming,I thought I would make this thread and sticky it.Other threads have been made I know but they tend to get lost in the murky depths of spw.

Just list your gamer tag(s) what console you are on (or pc,and say if you are on steam ect) Then maybe just what games you are currently playing.

Mine is DmF22 on the 360

And I'm playing Red Dead Redemption a lot online,and would be cool if some of us could form a posse :cool:

I'm also thinking of getting back into modern warfare 2 and I'm also playing SSFIV,though I am a total nub right now.

I have steam too,my user name is the same as it is on here,but I only really have L4D2 on steam
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I only play games on PC, games like GTA IV, COD:MW2, Left4Dead2, Bioshock 1+2.
Xfire: Ignace93
Steam: Ignace93
GFW: Ignace93


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I've been playing Transformers: War for Cybertron for PS3

hit me up if you want to play

PSN ID - Rave2Grave
e4sy skanking = xbox live

I play halo3 mostly and call of duty 4. I don't like COD4 2! Too many nub mechanics for me! ;) Not that I'm good or anything, it's just less challenging..
Used to do a lot of Halo Orginal, first one.
Now, not into muliplayer. Like my interests in movies I like games with a good story line.
Enjoyed Dead Space.


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Dan said he plays Left For Dead 2 on Steam

Just now you can purchase, from the Steam Store - Left For Dead 1 OR 2 for £5.09

Together - Left For Dead 1 AND 2 - £7.81

That's a good deal if you ask me. I won't be purchasing as i couldn't run it on my systems specs, HaHa

If I'm breaking any rules mod's, please delete.

Silvox Black

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Xbox 360: Ebon Ghost

I mainly play C.O.D MW2, Halo Reach, Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 (Or any of the other games in the series, though I am terrible at them), Gears of War 2, however I have many other various games. I enjoy mainly RTS, RPG, and FPS games and am more than willing for co-op. If you so desire, you may add me.