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Just had to browse this page again, so I could put gamertags to user names. Thanks to everyone who added me and sorry if I have ignored you in the past. Nothing personal but I tend to avoid people on the xbox unless I recognise them.

Now I know it's peeps off spw, game with ya soon I hope, playing MK a lot right now.

Danfalc-Steam (Play a lot of Shogun 2 right now)


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No signs of life in this thread for a while but if you want to add me on ps3 feel free

PSN - Monster_Rippa

And the name is after the energy drink, I'm not a psycho! lol
I don't have a Xbox anymore, but I do have Steam.

PumaOfDarkness and PumaOfDarknessFriendChat.

I keep one on my PC, and one on my laptop. One for actual games/score/details, and one for communication.


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Xbox - JudgeMagnus
Xfire - Zidane14

Currently playing Star Wars: The old republic
Canderous ordo server

mostly Tekken 6 and Battlefield 3 on Xbox


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Xbox - PGP1986

I am pretty quiet but it would be nice to have a couple of friends instead of playing by myself all the time lol I'm currently playing Battlefield 3 :)


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I'm almost always up for a game ;)
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Never use Xfire, but my username is the same as my username here.
I always play on Steam, my username is "Daniel0889"
Plus I play Battlefield 3 sometimes, my Origin username is "Rubinho2"
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Steam- bruffy82

I play alot of FPS.

I am currently enjoying Far Cry 3. I try to play as much indie games as possible. Love gaming.