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These two are sad songs but i find them beautiful:

A love suicide - Yutaka Minobe

Love this song, what an underrated game (Rule of rose)

Equilibrium - Masayoshi Soken, Nobuo Uematsu

There's a story to this song:

Once there was a family made up of a mother, a father and a daughter. One day, the father dies during war and his now tattered uniform is sent to the family (torn uniform in hand). This affected the mother who eventually loses his mind and becomes violent towards her daughter. One day, can't standing it anymore, the daughter prays to Sophia (a goddess obsessed with harmony and equilibrium), asking for help. The goddess tells her that in order to restore her family's broken equilibrum, she must kill her mother, which she does (the white silken dress stained in red). But still, the harmony isn't fully restored, there's one final task ahead: She (the daughter) must also die. A task she fufills by jumping from a cliff (one last step only leaving and empty hearth down by the sea).

Yes, the Goddess is a **** and thats why you kick her *** in the game. A dark story but a beautiful melody :)

This is the only vídeo i've found without a *******ed gameplay (the actual song starts at 1:10)