Post your favourite music


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Yah..the one thread you'll find on every forum, you can go youtube stylio to erm, whatever...shame this forum doesn't seem to embed vids yet (or i just don't know how to) so links'll have to do. Not like it matters much im just bored and this thread'll probs be buried in 24, anyways current music obsession....

The Sound Providers - Who Am I (Remix) ..... yes it's hip hop gief stereotypes

And just a plain lovely song lol...

De La Soul - Breakadawn
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a good song everyone on this site should download because it gives me a bit of hope is:
chasing rainbows by: no use for a name
part of song :
its all fucked up, being reserved and quiet
she doesn't understand the message that you send...
yeah listen to the song and tell me what you think ?