Post your favourite music

It's sad to think of all the great artists we've lost to heroin. Thinking about what AIC could've done had the band not been in such a poor state due to Layne's lifestyle is a real bummer. His unique voice, combined with Cantrell's lyrics made for some of the best music to come out of the early 90's.

I also agree that he was a much better singer than Kurt, really I think he's on par with Chris Cornell. Whereas Cornell's voice peeled the paint off satellites, Staley's heavy, haunted vocals seemed to channel something otherworldly.

I really liked Layne Staley/Jerry cantrell's vocal harmony. especially during the chorus of their song "hate to feel."

it really is sad that we've lost so many great singers to drug abuse. I was watching an interview a while back and got the impression that SOME rock musicians thought that doing heroin was integral to being a great artist because a lot of great musicians of the past had this whole romanticized heroin addiction thing going on...mainly blues musicians....I recall one interview with dave mustaine where he said "all the greats did heroin. so if I wanted to be great I had to do heroin"...although he's in a metal band, he's still referring to the blues (which is the genre that metal AND grunge have a lot of influence from)

but anyway back on topic. i have to say, William Duvall can harmonize really well with Jerry also. just has a different sound to it.

theres also a good documentary I saw in 2010 called "pearl jam 20" that has a lot of good info about the grunge era.
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AIC's return was one of the sweetest moments of my grown-up life. Especially Black Gives Way To Blue, that album kicked so much ***. Layne can't be replaced, though I once held hopes that Maynard Keenan would step in; but I agree that Duvall brings his own gear to the role while still sounding like he's at home.

I love Alice In Chains. :D

And now for something completely different.
F**k! My local radio station really is obsessed with the 80s, man.
Heard these songs, in this exact order, when I decided to randomly listen tune into WestSound, yesterday afternoon.
I'm not a huge fan of Madonna, but I like this song​

But, this morning, I've just been listening to this album at full volume.
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my brother's wife's sister is into playing the cello and sometimes performs at the church she goes to. They recently peaked my interest in this type of music. its not the kind of music id sit around and listen do for leisure but i just find it really interesting and unique .

apparently its one of the oldest forms of singing known to history and was started by catholic nuns and monks in the middle ages/dark ages .

tbh, it can be kind of relaxing . id like to see some of these songs performed live . maybe in a cathedral.

I like the two solo parts at around 4:24
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