Post a picture of your handwriting


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This is mine....if you can read it...
On the contrary, it is quite clear because it is printed.

Quite a few people have said that their handwriting is inadequate. That is like the "post your picture" threads, where everyone says how ugly they are even though they aren't. That is called "body dismorphic disorder". I wonder what the equivalent name for handwriting is.


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well my hand writing is terrible. i prefer to type. lots neat handwriting here. i shall not tarnish this thread with my ugly penmanship.


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I can only write in cursive and still, my dyslexia makes it really hard to write anything that makes sense.
...thank (whoever created the programs) for computers with spell check and sentence functions! haha


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I really like this thread for some reason. Needs more posts. :p *attempts to revive thread*

Here, have a picture of my notes.