Post a picture of your handwriting


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Aha! A fellow enthusiast of the graphological!?
Awesome possum!

Your writing is really neat, with each word allotted ample elbow room! The pen's flow on 'everyone's handwriting' is really neato, all connected-like :D

Here are some random quotes for reference..
My handwriting is terrible :p


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Haha didn't expect you to examine my handwriting hippie! Yours is neat and clear to read, has a kind of simplicity to it.

blackpuma you have pretty neat writing for a guy, most of the guys I know write like a 5 year old.

Sorry for the blurry pic. D: Taken with my crappy phone cam as I do not have a digital cam anymore. :p
That's some very neat handwriting you have there. :) It kind of reminds me of how mine used to be years ago, but since I write everything on computer these days, and have done for a long time now, I find that on the rare occasions when I do handwrite something it tends to be quite messy. It's definitely a skill you can lose through lack of use. ::(: