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  • Oo I will look this book up if you think it is good! I have been meaning to find a new book for a good read before bed recently and have been at loss! Ended up reading Sun Tzus art of war which isn't exactly a nice fictional work :p
    aha I agree - all smiths fans are awesome XD
    haha why is that? I hope I don't give off that impression to people :p I like being youthful! I am only 17 haha
    What is Kafkas trial is it a movie?
    yeah i was pretty disappointed that slovenia never go through, they played well in their 3 matches. i hope to visit europe someday. if i can get rid of this SAD :p
    Well a B is pretty good, so well done. Yeah i'm from sa. the best and the worst place in the world to stay (i guess if you live here you will understand why). You're from Slovenia, right? You guys played well in the wc, it's a pity england went through instead of you guys. I hope your dad enjoyed it here. which games did he see?
    I'm more of a Smiths fan. Much more! I love the band. Everything they do in every possible way is perfect. Morrissey is good as well like of courseXD
    How about you? :p
    hey that's fantastic. i'm really happy for you. :) how's things at school? i saw a few posts about you feeling nervous about a presentation or something.
    Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
    Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
    And it’s my New Year wish 4u Dear…
    Wish u a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.2011!!!


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    oh yeah that is good. do you know if it can be reversed? or does loss of sight happen to run in your family? my brother is becoming an optometrist, so he talks to me a lot about the eyes.
    hello. i saw your post in the "how r u feeling?" thread about your left eye. i'm really sorry to hear that. i wish you the best and i hope you recover soon.
    That's funny - the pic you posted for 'counting to infinity' is a place I drive past every day!
    Oh gosh, sorry to hear about it. Do you live in a chemically polluted city? I did when I was a teenager and I was suicidal at that time too.. Then I thought about it and it would hurt my family too much, so I didn't do it.. Later I also read some good books which helped a lot.. And life was REALLY so much better when I went to University!! So, you have soo much (good) stuff still ahead of you!!
    Kristina, have you tried EFT or TAT yet? Coyote made a new thread about it, with links there too... I totally recommend you to try them first, before trying meds... Or maybe even to help work with side-effects?
    Until last year or so, Lexapro was not for teenagers... :( Big pharma companies, trying to get money everywhere... :((
    Then again, it's probably better to talk to your Dr. first? I really hate it how therapists prescribe drugs without giving any proper therapy/counselling, so often...!! Did you even get any counselling/help?
    Hey Kristina! A C is "good"!! That's what it is!! It's not a 'failure' (F=failure!) It sounds you are quite perfectionistic about these things, I was too (cried over a B once, sigh) Believe me, life is more than grades and other things!! When you finish education, nobody is going to ask you what grades you had!! It's good to have good grades and to care enough to study enough, there is more to you than grades or other stuff though!! Wishing you a good day tomorrow, with many accomplishments!
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