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  • Hey Christa. I am going to be busy over the next few days so I probably won't check in to SPW. Is there someone, a Doctor etc who you can talk to if you are really struggling? I know that there are members of this forum who would listen to you or respond to you if you feel like you want company. I am sorry I missed your request to chat.. I am struggling myself a bit at the moment so I can relate to your depressed mood. Take care of yourself, try and do something for you.
    Hi Christa It is no good that you are feeling so depressed. If you ever want to vent you can send me a message.
    I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling with your anxiety, just wanted to let you know I'm here if you want support. :)
    I always get attacked online for my views and interests (when I put them out). The internet is full of anti-social trolls. Mostly kids and old creepy dudes.
    I am fine too I suppose. Its good to know that you are still here, I hope things arent too bad for you. Say hi if you ever have something on your mind. Take care of yourself :)
    Hey sorry I just now saw that you IMed me. I'm still new and figuring things out. I wasn't ignoring you, Promise!

    I'm a bit sore at the moment, did some exercises for the first time in a good while yesterday. Have you been up to anything lately?
    hey christa, sorry i missed your message! hopefully i'll catch you another time.
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