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  • Hi Ravens! You're eyes are extremely beautiful, wow. I'd give anything for eyes like that! You're really good-looking.
    I don't know you either, but i'm going to have to agree with Zeffolia and Eilonwy. Your face is reaally.... how can I say this without sounding creepy...stunning? I envy your dedicated-looking-eyebrows... Creepy after all.
    Hey! I don't actually know you, but I think I have to agree with Zeffolia there below...lol. And you kinda look like an anime in your avatar XD
    Goddamn lmao, I must say, in a non-gay way(not that there's anything wrong with that lol), you are FREAKIN HOT lmfao if your profile pic is you. I mean that as in I'm jealous of your looks
    God I feel like a dumbass for saying that lolll
    /end extremely awkward comment xD/
    Ohh whoops, sorry! You just really looked like someone i sorta of knew on there. ::o: really sorry!
    You look familiar! :o from a website called dailystrength? i could be totally wrong, but hi anyway! =)
    If you want to add me to MSN just send me a PM and I'll pass on my MSN addy. :)
    Take up part time jobs that require less commitment and time then graduate from there... My family absolutely refuse to accept that I have problems... And they're like... Tough it out. So I tried. I managed for many many years... until about 2007/2008 period, where well... let's just say my mind snapped from too much.

    So my advice is to start with small jobs then into bigger ones. I pushed myself all the way and just tried to 'tough it out' with big jobs and university and all that. It nearly killed me. It's your choice, but if you ask me, I'd say start small and work from there...

    Hope this helps.. Good luck yar?
    Hey there. This is Dronee.. Not sure you remember me. From the chats? The guy who needs to go for compulsory service, military and para-military and all that and asking for ideas on how to desensitize myself to the sounds of guns...

    Read your post on agoraphobia. I don't have agoraphobia per se... Though I am somewhat hesitant to go out very far when I was a kid. But I understand completely on the issues of work. You know, if you're not all that picky, and not really wanting to get filthy rich, there are plenty of options available, especially in your country (you're in US right?)... You can try odesk like sites and work from home.
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