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  • Hey! Yeah he is great - I was just trying to maintain fairness in my comment but really I completely share his ideologies and I happily side with him! yep there's some drum stuff on my youtube, I haven't done anything recently so I'll try to soon... also, don't bash washing the dishes; drums is fun but nothing beats a good dish wash :D
    Hi Waybuloo, just wanted to say I really liked reading about your motherhood experiences on the "wrong to have a baby" thread. You hit the nail on the head with so much of why I want a child someday and gave me some hope so thanks so much for sharing. Best of luck to you and your little one! :) MG
    ちひろ, your signature, means "chihiro", your former username, in Japanese. Does the tongue-sticking-out icon mean that you did not believe anyone would work it out (?)
    Happy Birthday!

    I couldn't help myself in your "birthday cake" thread, so this makes up for it.
    I know the feeling, I spend half of my life on here. It has helped me through some tough times though to be fair, plus all my friends live here ::o:
    Hope you do stick around x
    ha ha It was for health reasons - I don't do that well with artificial minerals and vitamins, natural food is better - I'd totally be a vegetarian or vegan otherwise..! :)
    lol I'm not a vegetarian anymore! :) Had too much goodies for the weekend though so must 'abstain' from yummies a bit, sigh! :)
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