How do you express your creativity?


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Like you guys, I do a lot of baking and cooking. I have a blog where I basically show people my life, in pictures, recipes, kids stuff, crafts stuff (boring to most you, stuff young people aren't ready for, haha!) I draw, but have been slacking lately. I write, but not as much lately as I have in the past. I know I could probably be good if I put some time into it. I like to fix stuff and build things. I like to organize. I sew. I do a lot of crafty things. Something new everyday.


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I don't really have much creativity. And I don't have enough talent in anything to bring any ideas of mine to life.
I'm not a creative type at all but when the mood hits me i make things or fix existing things. Here's the pantry i built in the kitchen for the wife. I wanted to paint it and finish it more but she said she likes the "rustic" look and she hates the way i paint stuff. It's cool cause i HATE painting shit anyway. Unless I can spray paint it it don't get painted.


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