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  • Thanks for the add! Hope you're doing well! If you don't me anyone from this forum, try . Search for shy, or social anxiety. If there aren't any groups, you can create your own. :)
    Hey, this is Corrina. We met on Hope you don't mind my requesting your friendship on here. Perhaps we can start to get to know each other. I think we have a lot of interests and experiences in common. :)
    Hey Janett!
    I'm doing quite good, thanks. How about you?:)
    I do remember, You seem a really nice person, I love your posts on facebook!
    Btw have you created ''Safe place to say it''? I'm confused lol who-ever did make it?
    It is a very good place, very original group on facebook, nice!
    I posted something about ' being a high sensetive person' a lot of people could relate:)
    How have you been and I remember you were a long member on SPW.
    I never really talked to you before, only through a few posts i think.
    Anyways, how's your SA, has it gotten a little better?
    I'm always curious when people leave spw, if it helps to motivate yourself to ' get out of the comfort of sa zone? ' lol.

    Still, SPW is such a great place hehe.

    Talk to you later!

    everythings going well thanks, much like yourself im usally depressed, but it appears that the dark cloud has lifted a little. i hope it lasts for both of us :)
    hiya lyricalliaisons, i just love your name. thanks for accepting my friend request :). how are you?
    That is true. But the fact remains: you SHOULD know me. And another thing: drink plenty of water. And these things go for all you visitors out there, too!
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