Heart acting up?


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I don't know how to explain this, but it's rather disturbing, even annoying.

My heart randomly skips beats. I might be sitting here, doing nothing, and then I feel some strange sensation, it feels like I skip a beat. I feel suffocated for a second when this happens.

I've been at the doctor, I've had multiple electrocardiograms done the times the ambulance was called (usually false alarms). Everything was just fine, but I still have this thing.

I sometimes have only one episode one day, sometimes two, sometimes none. I haven't had one in many days until yesterday, I had two late at night, and today I had two or three. I had the most last week, about five or six in one night. It got better after eating a bit more.

The doctor told me I was "hysterical". Is it possible that it's linked to anxiety?


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Hi hellbound..
that happens to me too. Not painful, just weird. You actually feel it.... ihave felt this on and off for years... still haven't discovered what it is.


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I have those too.
Have had them for about 4 years.
I've been to multiple doctors and and had various types of tests.
All came to the same conclusion.
Benign PVC's
Likely due to stress and anxiety.
Nothing prescribed.
They come and go mostly.
But I've found that the have decreased with exercise.

Don't panic.
It's likely nothing.
But you should get yourself checked out.
They like to rule out and possible underlying condition/cause

And my best bit of advice that I can give you.
It will drive you absolutely mad and do nothing but scare you even more.


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^ Did they say if it had any cure or if they just go away when you're less stressed? Doc didn't tell me much when I asked, he just told me to calm down.


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They're probably just palpitations. I get them on and off... I go through patches where I'll have lots over the period of a few days, then go months without anything. They're usually nothing to worry about - perfectly healthy people get them all the time. Since you've been checked out by doctors, it's almost certainly nothing for you to worry about.


I sometimes get a gurgle right near to my left shoulder which I can hear really loud when there no other sound in a room. Makes me laugh a bit. Doesn't hurt. Maybe indigestion? Sounds like a pigeon perched on my shoulder, flapping its wings for a preen. Bubble, wubble... It repeats for a long time. 10 seconds, again, and again

Like a recruiter who won't stop telephoning

Had an ECG done in hospital to see if it's due to my epileptic brain or the heart
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It could be stress related. Anxiety can cause very real physical symptoms that cen be the precursor to a panic attack.

If you are worried I'd suggest getting a stress test and echo cardiogram from a cardiologist.


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I've been getting this for years with anxiety and I'm still here. If they tested you already there's nothing to worry about :)


I had it couple of years ago, sometimes I had even a feeling like something bad is going to happen to me and I will need help, or like I am going to die. I have realized just recently that it actually went away as now I don´t have it anymore. Maybe because I am unemployed, that´s why I am not suffering chronical lack of sleep as I used to?


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Hellhound, do you intake enough calories throughout the day if you don't mind me asking?


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I don't know. Why?

Because I recall you mentioning that maintaining a certain weight is important to you. If you've dealt with an eating disorder or limited your food intake for a prolonged period of time it could be the cause of heart palpitations. There's the possibility of low blood sugar or potassium. Not saying this is the case, but it's something to rule out.


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^ No need to, though I'm sure no one would judge. I don't want to bombard you with questions either. It might be worth getting a blood test if you haven't, and being aware of how much/what foods you're consuming in a day.


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Mhm. I have to get blood tests done someday next month (I don't remember when exactly)

I am not having much food, I admit. I've had too much stress lately... and I'm not very content with my self image. Just lots of things happening.


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I've been meaning to get blood tests done myself but haven't had the time to make an appointment. My situation deals mostly with sharp tense pains around parts of my body. I'm always stressed and usually anxious about one thing or another.